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New anti-Covid spray developed in conjunction with the British Army, 99.99% effective.

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B9exchange Thu 17-Dec-20 00:16:14

Admittedly this is in the Sun, but really does seem a hopeful new development. No more leaving things around for 72 hours!

Hetty58 Thu 17-Dec-20 00:37:33

Calendargirl Thu 17-Dec-20 06:48:34

Have never left things around for 72 hours.

YorkLady Thu 17-Dec-20 08:49:46

I would buy this. We do leave parcels and post for 2-3 days, if we can!

bikergran Thu 17-Dec-20 09:20:18

When I went into the supermarket I work in last week, doors,surfaces,handles etc had been sprayed with some kind of anti bacterial spray.

It smelt a bit like nail varnish remover, apparently if someone touches the surface who has Corona it cannot then be passed on when another person touches it.

Not sure how much of the building and surfaces had been sprayed but you could smell it along the corridors and in the canteen. Not sure how effective it is or will be but fingers crossed.

Franbern Thu 17-Dec-20 09:24:17

Ihave never left anything around at all. Shopping gets put away as soon as I get home from Supermarket, I wash my hands before putting it away, and again afterwards. Post and parcels always opened upon receipt - again handwashing before and after.

However, I have ordered some of this Virusend.

allium Thu 17-Dec-20 09:31:21

Never bothered to leave shopping/post etc for 72 hrs just gets put away as 'old normal'.

B9exchange Thu 17-Dec-20 10:04:01

Yes, I have to confess, post opened, shopping etc just put away then hands washed. But I thought it would be useful to keep some in the car for supermarket trolleys, or anything I thought might be a bit dodgy. Even a quick spray of a mask and leave for a minute if I find I don't have a spare!

M0nica Thu 17-Dec-20 17:42:19

Anither who has never felt he need to quarantine shopping or post.

I wear disposable gloves when out, so it doesn't really matter what I touch and when sanitiser is there slaver thw gloves with sanitiser. I some times use several different pairs of gloves, if I amdriving to several places.

BlueBelle Thu 17-Dec-20 18:11:34

Never have done any ‘leaving’, post is opened immediately and shopping put away when bought
As I work in a charity shop I m sorting all sorts of stuff every day so no need to do anything more in my own home
I wash my hands and feel quite secure

AGAA4 Thu 17-Dec-20 19:50:35

I noticed the cash machine was covid free for 72 hours.

Franbern Tue 22-Dec-20 14:09:37

Has anyone else actually purchased and received this? Mine has just arrived. Direct from their own website. Can evidently also be purchased from Lakeland. Hope it is as effective as this new virus strain everyone is on about.

Lollin Tue 22-Dec-20 15:44:30

AGAA4 was there a notice at the cash machine? I must look closer at ours.

Franbern I am amazed as I have never heard of it. It would have been useful to try it when we had to have workmen recently. I was cleaning for ages after they had left every day. Do let us know what you think.

AGAA4 Tue 22-Dec-20 15:56:07

Lollin Yes there was a notice to say that the cash machine was covid free for 72 hours. This was outside a Morrisons store.

phoenix Tue 22-Dec-20 16:05:00


I noticed the cash machine was covid free for 72 hours.

I think, AGAA4 if you look at the machine again, what they are saying is that the cash it dispenses has been quarantined for 72 hours, not quite the same thing. I doubt if the buttons one presses can be guaranteed Covid free.

AGAA4 Tue 22-Dec-20 16:19:12

phoenix disappointed. I did clean my hands with my 70% alcohol gel after using it anyway. I just thought it may have been cleaned with one of those disinfectants that kills the virus for a period of time after using it.

Sparklefizz Tue 22-Dec-20 16:36:08

I've ordered some and hope to get it by Xmas Day for when I have a brief outdoor visit from my family to exchange presents. I expect they will want me to open mine while they are here so I will use the spray so that I can do that, otherwise I will want to quarantine them as my daughter is a teacher and therefore high risk.

25Avalon Tue 22-Dec-20 16:41:27

The army have been using this for some time and have found it to be very effective. I think it relates to an insecticide which they give to the troops.

PamelaJ1 Tue 22-Dec-20 17:09:55

B9exchange thank you.
Just bought some. Lakeland hasn’t any left so bought via Virusend.
It will be a godsend to me. I have to clean down my salon between clients and it takes ages. Sometimes my clients pick up a few bottles of polish when they are choosing the colour for their hands or feet. Now I’ll be able to give them a quick spray.

25Avalon Tue 22-Dec-20 17:28:59

Thanks B9exchange. I’ve just bought 10 bottles and refills direct from Virusend for the business and a couple for home use. We have a grant that can only be spent on coronavirus related products so this is a win win.