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MissAdventure Thu 31-Dec-20 11:54:48

Yes, "that one", who had 14+ people at hers for christmas.

One of them (the visitors) has just told me that a very close contact of hers, who she visited a week before christmas, has died of covid, having been in hospital since Christmas eve.

She didn't think to let anyone know, and hasn't been isolating, or told anyone who was there.

Callistemon Thu 31-Dec-20 13:05:58


MissA time to pull up the drawbridge against the pair of them, you and the DB's safety is more important.

I echo what *GrannyGravy says, MissAdventure
They are totally irresponsible.

Leave them to sort out their own messes, now and in the future.

I hope everyone they mingled with have been contacted.

Kalu Thu 31-Dec-20 13:12:45

Apologies for language but really, so, so many people are wary and worried about even going to the supermarket, once a week!

I am so angry that these people are controlling how we have to live!

EllanVannin Thu 31-Dec-20 13:12:57

The more people that are milling around, the more the virus gets airborne. Which is why I wore two masks in Morrisons last week being amongst people for the 3rd time this year.

I nearly have 10 fits if I as much as sneeze grin Nerves are getting shot to pieces, knowing how I felt this time last year.

I wouldn't mind, but those unfortunate enough to catch the virus will take another 12 months to feel normal----I'm not kidding either.

glammanana Thu 31-Dec-20 13:34:55

EV I turned around and walked out of our Morrisons this week after passing 4 people not wearing masks they could not all have been exempt they where 30ish if not younger all mums with little ones.
Why do the security desk not stop them and question them as they come in from the car park ? sending best wishes for 2021 hope to see you soon x

BlueBelle Thu 31-Dec-20 13:53:07

Didn’t Boris give permission for three families of five to meet for five days over Christmas Wasnt that the main rule before he changed it all at the last minute ?
Don’t worry I m not condoning this ‘party’ (and for myself have only been in a bubble with my daughter) I haven’t been anywhere but masked up for shopping and social distanced beach walks with one other
An elderly couple living near me had a coach/hotel holiday booked for Christmas I was amazed this went ahead they were unsure what to do but as it went ahead they presumed they d be ok, hopefully they are we went into Tier 4 Boxing Day they came back two days after They are not idiots, very nice quite people ....

MissAdventure Thu 31-Dec-20 14:03:47

They were family and friends, and people who gave lifts, who got invited too, plus a woman from the £ shop, whose son fetched her, and ended up staying. (She invited poundshop lady so she could have a look at neighbours flat)

Granddaughter (who lives in a hostel) and some bloke who's been sleeping rough in some toilets!

GillT57 Thu 31-Dec-20 14:06:25

That is truly dsigraceful to put other people at risk. I am not excusing their behaviour, but, when we turn the TV on there is the bumbling fool of a PM forever changing the rules, mumbling out a load of what he thinks are sound bites, then we pass to a very clever, professional, but boring scientist who drones on using graphs. As I said, this is no excuse, and personally we have been very careful, nobody in the house, minimal food shops, always wear mask etc., but I wonder if the nature of the warnings is somehow to blame? Maybe we need someone like Brian Blessed to come on and just shout out Put your effing mask on, don't have anyone in your house, wash your bloody hands. grin

MissAdventure Thu 31-Dec-20 14:07:21

You see, her heart's in the right place... I feel rotten now.

Callistemon Thu 31-Dec-20 14:15:26

No, don't feel rotten!
She is a danfer to herself and others, a potential super-spreader.

She is daft.
Of course, she may be intellectually challenged and can't understand what is going on so yes, the message should be plainer and more rigorously enforced.

Don't get soft with her.

Callistemon Thu 31-Dec-20 14:15:55

My typos are getting worse - danger

Cp43 Fri 01-Jan-21 10:46:40

I hope you have told her how irresponsible she is. I’d be so angry.

Rosina Fri 01-Jan-21 10:48:00

This person must be entirely without conscience. Apart from self preservation, the thought that I might wreck the health of, or even kill, someone else is what has kept me away from everything and everyone that I care about for almost a year now.

jaylucy Fri 01-Jan-21 10:48:01

Would it have been possible that she wasn't aware of why her friend was in hospital and what she actually died from until after it happened ?
On the other hand, a friend of mine who has had some work done on her house found out that her electrician had had a positive test so was unable to carry on with the work for a couple of weeks.
When she asked her boss what she should do, she was told that as he hadn't any symptoms, she could continue to go into work as normal!
Need I say more?

Cp43 Fri 01-Jan-21 10:50:36

That won’t help. They need telling how to behave.

joesdadnick Fri 01-Jan-21 10:50:54

the worst part is that once some people get the vaccine they will believe they can go about life as normal, not realising they can still spread the virus. I had the virus beginning of last year like a lot of people put down to a bad flu, but even so I can still spread the virus to others. I am extreme isolating , first just in case I did not have covid and second I have terminal pancreatic cancer and my immune system is way down, so my body would be overrun by the virus, as one professor said today they have blood on their hands, those that flout the rules. Needs bigger fines and even jail for some, you look at the figures now that are the worst since the start and it ties in with mass exodus from London before Christmas, a week later going ill and they are 20/30 somethings

GagaJo Fri 01-Jan-21 10:54:15


Don’t know what to say, except we know this is going on. Our daughter lives in a flat in London with her husband, and they have been diligently following the rules, but she has single friends who just aren’t. I can’t see what else we can do..other than start policing the streets like they have in China apparently.
Keep safe *Miss A*

I totally agree Toadinthehole. If we had done this in March, and been VERY strict about lockdown, we wouldn't be in this mess now.

Still, I think they should instigate it now. Use the army.

Maidmarion Fri 01-Jan-21 10:55:51

I was due to spend Christmas with a ‘friend’, her sister and husband, but when it meant staying overnight I couldn’t (and wouldn’t!) go. I’m glad because in our messages she said ‘Well, I’m not having anyone dictate to ME and I’m not wearing a mask... and we’ve (she means a family of three households) been meeting up for suppers the whole time (since March!)
To top it all, she believes Bill Gates started the virus and is not having the vaccine because it contains a tracking device! This is a (formerly!!) intelligent ex-nurse...! I can’t bring myself to contact her anymore.
When Boris was giving out the latest Tier news I actually burst into tears out of pure frustration about people like the ones mentioned above. I cannot believe the selfishness of people. I want to scream....!!!!!!!

silverdragon Fri 01-Jan-21 10:56:30

Maybe it's time to get blunt with 'friends' who are being stupid. Cut ties, for the time being, and make it clear that it's because you want to stay healthy and not take any risks.

olliebeak Fri 01-Jan-21 10:59:34

An 'older couple' that I know from church, were recently admitted to our local Hospital - both with Covid.

He's been sent home again after a few days, to continue his recovery ......................... whereas, she is now on 'End of Life' treatment. He's not allowed to go and visit her.

Things like this will continue to happen until people take their 'contact responsibilities' seriously.

Makes me so angry when these people play Russian Roulette with other people's lives ??????!

NannyDaft Fri 01-Jan-21 11:00:00

Over the last year I have found that there are many selfish people around ( even family) that adjust the rules to suit their own ends ! This is why the country can’t get rid of the Virus ! Their behaviour is appalling and they should be shamed and named!

SparklyGrandma Fri 01-Jan-21 11:00:37

I have been shielding since March, and my area is in lockdown now virtually. My neighbours had two sets of visitors on Christmas Day. The long drawn out goodbyes made it obvious.

Mumsyface Fri 01-Jan-21 11:00:40

Here in Spain I have seen the local police stop cars which are on the roads after curfew. They are also stopping people without masks on the market and telling them to put their mask on, buy one here and now and wear it, or fining them.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 01-Jan-21 11:01:10

Makes my blood boil

4allweknow Fri 01-Jan-21 11:02:52

The rules are always only applicable to everyone else not the likes of your friend. No words to describe her totally irresponsible actions.

RosesAreRed21 Fri 01-Jan-21 11:07:05

How selfish of her. She could infect family and friends.