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Grey areas?

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MawBe Tue 05-Jan-21 17:13:51

I should be able to find this out for myself but I am going to appeal to your collective wisdom instead.
I regularly see a lady out and about in the village who lost her husband last March, indeed his grave is very near Paw’s so we often bump into each other.
She is in her 80’s (I guess) very fit and spry and actually did have Covid in the Autumn from which she has made a full recovery.
Anyway, we were chatting about lockdown -again - and she commented that it makes very little difference for her.
Her grandson (who is 43 ish, he and D2 were in the same year at the village school ,) who lives in the next town pops in every evening to see that she is OK and her daughter comes every weekend.
Hmm. Of course I said nothing but thought how much I would like to see any one of my daughters every month, let alone every weekend.
Did I say she had recovered from Covid? I believe she caught that from one of the younger family members who had attended a sports club function back in the Autumn when that was permitted.
So what is permitted under lockdown?

granfromafar Tue 05-Jan-21 17:24:59

Maw, as far as I understand it, her grandson and daughter can visit her if they live in the same household and are her support bubble. If they live in different households then only one of them can be in her bubble.

lemsip Tue 05-Jan-21 17:28:19

The problem with ' collective wisdom' is the wisdom will all be very different of course so take your pick. lol

MawBe Tue 05-Jan-21 17:31:32

Granfromafar they clearly don’t, he is 43, has his own family. The daughter who may or may not be his mother, I think lives a distance away, to the north of here.
So no, not the same household.

Alygran Tue 05-Jan-21 17:31:53

Maw my reading of the situation is this...
As she is on her own she can form a support bubble with another household. If her daughter and grandson live together then the visits follow the rules, if they are separate household then they don’t. All parties can have only one support bubble.

Kalu Tue 05-Jan-21 17:32:34

I don’t get it! What this family are doing is now deemed illegal yet they blithely continue with, many visits to an elderly mother whom they have already passed covid onto. They don’t appear to be bothered should they pass it on to her again but this time, it may kill her.

I too would love to see our DDs and GDs. One lot live approx. 12 mins from us but apart from abiding by the guidelines for extremely good reasons, they know they couldn’t live with the fact that they passed the virus on to us or worse, we’re responsible for our death.

Alygran Tue 05-Jan-21 17:34:17

Sorry crossed posts

MawBe Tue 05-Jan-21 17:37:54

What you have all said about her support bubble was certainly my interpretation but I didn’t want to let myself go there in case I was just adopting a dog in the manger frame of mind.

She also regularly does her walks accompanied quite closely by one of her friends -even when she was recovering - with no sign of any face covering.
Bit this is strictly between us - I repeat, I did not and would never say anything! !

Riverwalk Tue 05-Jan-21 17:38:50

The grey area is her family may have deemed that she needs 'welfare' visits, over and above the Bubble, based on her age, medical history, mental health issues, etc.

Welfare visits have always been allowed, as far as I know.

Calendargirl Tue 05-Jan-21 17:41:58

She is allowed to walk with one other person. Doesn’t have to wear a face covering outside, though should social distance of course.

ginny Tue 05-Jan-21 17:43:16

A person who lives on their own can bubble with ONE other household. This must remain the same household not change each day/ week/month.
MIL is in our bubble. So, our middle DD who lives alone cannot bubble with us. Luckily she is in a bubble with her younger sister and family who live just along the road from her.

varian Tue 05-Jan-21 17:48:47

The regulations are hard to stick to. We are very very careful and live in a rural area. We mostly stay in our house and garden but, as allowed by the government, we went for a walk today.

The only vehicle we saw was driven by a neighbour who stopped to chat. I walked on so OH could have a brief chat with him at a distance. If I had stayed beside OH our neighbour would have been talking to two people, breaking the law. I wonder how many folk obey the rules to this extent?

Kalu Tue 05-Jan-21 18:08:17

I would be more understanding if this lady was housebound, with no outside communication, however, as she is regularly out and about, having a walk with one of her friends, chatting to neighbours, I fail to see why her family are entering her house for a visit at the present time.

Surely they can catch up and check by phone or internet as many of us are having to make do with.