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Upset daughter

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SuzieHi Tue 05-Jan-21 21:01:04

Daughters 2 primary age children now at home until Feb at least, as school has just been locked down.
2.5 yr old grandsons nursery still open- son in law and daughter considering sending him 4 days a week, to make homeschooling / work from home easier for the rest of them. We think this is risking the whole families health.
I’ve told our daughter this- now she’s messaged me to say I’m adding stress to her!
Yes, she’s got her hands full with 3 under 7 at home, a husband who’s working from home and her own part time
( internet job) to do. Not with a particularly understanding boss. Husband can’t help much as his job is full on- he’s told daughter ( before all this) she doesn’t need to work financially. However, she likes her job, her own money and the independence. She’s always been a high achieving perfectionist type of person, who does think she can do it all.
We can’t physically help at present, as both in the vulnerable age group. We’ve missed the children a lot this year, live very near, and would normally have stepped up to help. I’ve told them we can help with some childcare when/if they all stay at home for 2 weeks so we know they’re not infectious.
I’ve just sent her a message saying sorry if I’ve upset her, she’s replied with ?.

Lucca Sun 10-Jan-21 08:10:49

My son and daughter-in-law have children aged 6 and 3. They are having to take it in turns to homeschool/look after the kids. I think any parent who manages to limit tv watching to two hours during a pandemic and winter weather must be saintly!! When my daughter in law mentioned guilt at tv watching for them I certainly told her not to beat herself are doing a million other activities but it’s a long day !