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The Lockdown Gang - Indomitable Lobstars ?⭐️

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Doodle Tue 05-Jan-21 21:13:12

Welcome to our new home.
Extra comfy sofas and chairs.
A handsome butler ....well Jeeves ?
All the hot chocolate you can drink
And the most important thing, the company of good friends

Doodle Tue 05-Jan-21 21:17:22

Hi all and welcome.
Bradfordlass came up with the indomitable title last time so I said it would be her turn to include it in the next thread title.

Hope you like the new place. Feel free to ask for any extras you would like added. Hope to see you soon.
Just popping back to finish the old one and tidy up. ?

Grammaretto Tue 05-Jan-21 21:41:05

Hello. I have found you!
All the hot chocolate we can drink. It sounds delicious.
Thanks Doodle
Sorry to hear on another thread that Marydoll is in hospital.
Wishing her and all of us here a very good night and no falling out of bed Lobstars

Doodle Tue 05-Jan-21 21:44:06

Grammaretto yes, I heard that about Marydoll too.
Hope she’s back with us soon.

Do you hear that Cherry? No falling out of bed. ??

CherryCezzy Tue 05-Jan-21 21:58:30

I hope I'm posting the correct image ?

Doodle Tue 05-Jan-21 22:18:55

Saucy naked sex romp Cherry, is that what you watch in your spare time ?

Only kidding, golden lobsters, lovely, ?

Grammaretto Tue 05-Jan-21 22:27:01

Wow golden lobster pots!
Who knew?
I have added a rim to my spot 1 as felt she was a bit naked.
She now has lumps golden lobsters all around the rim.

Sorry that your craft project didn't work out Bradfordlass . Most of mine end in disappointment or I find someone to finish them.

CherryCezzy Tue 05-Jan-21 22:29:29

? ..... the other type of images are safely stored elsewhere. They are indeed quite saucy and there's a fair bit of romping but no nudity or sex involved, just a woman holding a bottle of ketchup whilst in the throes of a seizure .... ?

SkyBird Tue 05-Jan-21 22:54:50

I am new to this thread. However may I suggest Regé-Jean Page as our modern day Jeeves?

Doodle Tue 05-Jan-21 23:49:37

SkyBird welcome to the thread. We couldn’t possibly replace Jeeves, he would be very hurt as he’s been with us a long time. Besides which with Rege-Jean Page around I think we would have women swooning all over the place. ?

Grammaretto what with Cherry’s saucy videos and your naked lobster pots this thread will be getting a reputation ?

BradfordLass73 Wed 06-Jan-21 00:12:27

Welcome Skybird Regé-Jean Page must be prepared to do a lot of cleaning and fetching-carrying - and get blamed for anything which goes wrong. Do you think he's up to the task - he looks a bit too ornamental to me smile

Oh, he also might have to fight Jeeves for the position and Jeeves is a black belt (at least he is until he cleans it).

Jeeves has been our faithful retainer for a long time now so old Regé will have to sign on for the duration and absolutely no photos.

If anyone is in touch with Marydoll give her my (our) love. I guess she's there now until all the restrictions cease?

Okay, here's the project. I'm going to change my GN name and I'd like something a little more inventive than GubbinsGran and the like. Put your thinking caps on please tchgrin

Mamissimo Did you hear News from Nowhere today?

They talked about exchanging a glut of ruddy rubber beans with local farmers' morning sticks.
It's a BBC Cymru production

Panache Wed 06-Jan-21 01:10:09

With such a heading I really could not fail to find my happy band of gan gsters!!!!!
Thanks for the pointers Doodle,you never fail us.

Would you believe this,the first quiet night in some 10 days/nights............and though I dropped off early,I am now wide awake.My body clock is all over the place!!!
Pleased to add my fella is resting and at peace,a sight for sore eyes believe me......a first for him too.

Hoping you all settle in well into our new abode,and please add my best wishes when in touch with Marydoll.
Back to dreamland..............I wish!!

Mamissimo Wed 06-Jan-21 11:50:14

Good morning Lobsters......I missed the move and had a quick panic but a puzzle maestro like what I am had no trouble in following the trail of empty bottles discarded seafood shells ?

Bradfordlass you've set us a royal challenge there a short and snappy Maori phrase for respected non conformist polymath enthusiastic zero carb grandmother and global citizen with a dislike of Malls? .........Galileo springs to mind....?

As Grammaretto sadly doesn't live in my hood I've had to buy planters locally. I needed a lorry full to cope with citrus and olive trees that needed chic new homes. Mr M is threatening to change the password on my internet banking. He really should know better by now!

Panache I bet you could have watched your dear man sleep for hours. I hope you both get a repeat performance.

Today I shall continue to find reasons not to do what I put off yesterday ?

Jan16 Wed 06-Jan-21 12:57:30

Well hello. Had such a job finding you all again button in the end! Like the new sofas and chairs but maybe some footstools? Panache So pleased your man was able to rest peacefully. Will do him so much good and you too.
Just had a trip to our river. The sun was shinning and we watched a few fishing boats go out to the Wash. So peaceful.

Nortsat Wed 06-Jan-21 16:12:23

Good afternoon Indomitable Gangster Lob-stars ? ⭐️.
I love the new place Doodle and the antique leather chesterfields. I see that Missy (who at 16.5 years old considers herself the senior Gangster cat) has settled herself in prime position in front of the fire.?
Doodle, Jeeves is sporting a rakish grin and my hot chocolate seems to have a tot of cognac in it.
Panache so pleased your dear one had a restful night ... that’s one less worry for you.
Grammaretto, how are you today? One day at a time is probably the best policy. Well done on getting into your studio. Looking forward to seeing your naked, lumpy rimmed lob-star pot ...
Bradfordlass thinking caps on then, for your new GN name. I vote for Boudicca of The Indomitable Spirit, Botis a bit like Flotus without the current, horrible incumbent.
Cherry romping notwithstanding, I hope you are having peaceful nights.
Mammissimo well done for finding our new home by following the discarded champagne bottles and lob-star shells. We’ve saved you a chair by the fire.
Jan welcome, lovely photograph. We’ve saved you a lovely window seat, so that you can enjoy the view here, too.

Here’s to the New Year in our new abode, may we be happy, peaceful and experience some joy. ?

NfkDumpling Wed 06-Jan-21 17:41:15

Good evening All

Having caught up with all the news left behind in the old abode I then nearly got side-tracked by the Lockdown Answer the Last Question or some such title - then I spotted the lobsters!

How come you got sunshine in your bit of Norfolk Jan? It looks lovely. It's been cold and overcast all day in my bit! We've not been to our nearest bit of coast for weeks as all the world and his dogs seem to have been heading there last time we ventured beach-wards.

I was really pleased to see Panache that you've got proper support at last and that Mr P had a good nights sleep. It makes such a difference.

I've just had to Google Rege-Jean Page - I'm useless with names. I can see that he would definitely be an asset - although not to replace Jeeves of course. But there must be a situation for him - handyman perhaps?

I've given up on my horrendous jigsaw and been deep in all day. It's becoming all absorbing. I'm finding out a lot about where and how my ancestors lived. I'm very local it seems and so is DH. I've actually found that his great great grandparents lived only a few doors away from my great great grandparents!

Jan16 Wed 06-Jan-21 19:32:20

NfkDumpling. Was a lovely morning but soon cloudy this afternoon! Which part of Norfolk are you in? West Norfolk for us

Grammaretto Wed 06-Jan-21 20:13:49

Hi Lobstars,

I have wifi back. The man came out essential to get grammaretto back online
He found the problem. My DIY skills were such that I had removed various cables and returned one into the wrong hole.
However, he was kind and not patronising and is in the process of getting me a much better deal on my broadband/phone package so I may end up paying only 2 bills instead of 3.

What is to be your new name BL? Mamissimo has started the ball rolling.
Moana, means water in Maori but you are not at all wet.
Kai is food , on the other hand grin that could work...
Then there were some girl names you would have liked Gubbins to be named if it had been your choice.

Lovely photos of blue skies in Norfolk Jan
You do get wonderful skies there because it's so flat

I also hail from Norfolk on one side of the family. The intrepid gt grandmother who went to NZ was from a Norfolk family on her father's side.

I am so glad Panache and her DH had a decent night's sleep.
I have run out of hot chocolate. Jeeves where are you???

Doodle Wed 06-Jan-21 20:18:27

Hello all. Hope you are finding our new home comfortable.
Bradfordlass that’s some challenge. I like Nortsat’s idea for making a name up out of initials. I like Mamissimo’s idea too, ?
Panache so glad to hear MrP was resting peacefully. I hope that means the painkillers are working better. Shame you couldn’t sleep longer.
Mamissimo don’t worry, if you hadn’t turned up we would have sent Jeeves out to look for you. I have been training him like a St Bernard with a barrel of brandy round his neck. ?
Where do your citrus and olive trees come from, have you cultivated them yourself?
Jan don’t tell me you were lost too. Footstools, good idea, then we can lay back and relax.
What a lovely photo. How peaceful and tranquil.
Nortsat I am glad Missy is making herself comfortable. I hope she likes her blanket by the fire.
Yes Jeeves did say he was serving us a special hot chocolate for our first night. I second your toast. ?
Nfk I thought lobsters in the title should make the thread easy to pick up.
Your ancestry search sounds fun. I wonder if your DHs GGgrandparents knew yours. I expect they did in those times as people knew their neighbours then. What a coincidence ?
MissedoutI am sending out Jeeves with the brandy. Hope to see you soon.
cherry how have you been today?

Doodle Wed 06-Jan-21 20:23:10

I turn my back for a second and Grammaretto sneaks in behind me.
So pleased your wi if is working. It’s pretty essential normally but in lockdown it’s vital. Sounds as though you may get a better deal out of things anyway.
grin that’s what DH and I say about Norfolk too. No offence Nfk and Jan

CherryCezzy Wed 06-Jan-21 20:57:20

Evening lobStars ?

Spot is a female pot then Grammaretto. Not wishing to be impolite but how do you know? ?. You said that you've decided that you will glaze her, have you chosen (a) colour/s? Or is that a secret to be revealed to us when she's finished?
It's been snowing where you are hasn't it so I'm wondering if you have been able to get out at all and see any of your friends. I haven't read the morning thread properly for a couple of days or so and today not at all and seem to have a bit of brain fade even when it comes to the end of the last gangster thread so I'm sorry if I upset you by asking what is happening re. your FiL funeral?

Pleased to hear that Mr P had a good night's sleep Panache. I hope that's the case from here on in now and that you can rest easy and sleep better too ?

Has Mr D recovered fully from his stint in hospital Doodle? I hope so ?

I hope you are improving and stronger today Marydoll and that ?that you can go home soon if you haven't been discharged already ?

Hello Skyblue, welcome to the gang. I'm afraid Jeeves is indispensable. Rege-Jean Page is too much of a pretty boy and so inexperienced young I don't think he'd be up to the tasks demanded ?. You could be right Nfk, perhaps more suited as a handyman or a gardener. I've been thinking about a nice relaxing garden space, perhaps you could plan it Mamissimo, in readiness for the Spring.

BradfordLass, why do you want to change your username? You don't have to answer that of course. What about te potiki (hope I haven't got it wrong but that is lass in Maori is it not?) What would be Maori for Gubbins? ?

Mamissimo I carried out your cunning plan myself today but tomorrow I will have to face doing a few things ?. We've got the gas engineer coming quite early tomorrow to do a service so maybe I won't get the chance to start as I mean to go on settle on the sofa all nice and comfy and grow into it become reluctant to leave it ?

Missy is the senior gangster cat Nortsat, how could she not be ?

I think footstools are a good idea Jan ?. I love the view btw, very calm and peaceful ?

Hope you are okay Missedout and dragonfly.

BradfordLass73 Wed 06-Jan-21 21:14:14

That's a beautiful, peaceful picture Jan thank you for sharing - I can imagine being there and watching the seabirds, something I once did in Norfolk many years ago.

And footstools are a brilliant idea, can we ask Jeeves to get some and a few recliner chairs too? Mr Doodle might manage a recliner -then it can gently tip him out without effort.

Cherry Talking of saucey bottles...we have a liquid here called Purple Death. I've never tasted it but looking at the price tells me it's popular only for the label (see pic), or perhaps cleaning engine parts. grin

I like the big picture windows in this new place, ideal for bird watching. I'm looking for your flocks of small, white gulls Doodle.
And well-done for choosing voice-operated AI central heating.
I can foresee just a few wee problems as someone shouts "Turn down heating" 10 minutes after another lobstar has yelled "Turn UP heating" but if Jeeves puts enough cognac in the hot chocolate it should solve that. grin

Mammissimo as always, you had me laughing; is a polymath someone who learned their times tables parrot fashion?

Nortsat I like Botis but I think the other lady is better named FLATUS at the moment.

Nfk I followed one branch of my ancestry right back to the 1300's.
Purists wouldn't agree because the line cannot be proven. However, we have an unusual last name and he came from the same tiny village as the rest of the inbred clan and was registered to pay John of Gaunt's Poll Tax.
I very much hope he was one of the rebels. grin

Oh Panache bless your heart, what a wonderful post. I am unbelievably glad your darling is able to get some rest and you also.
It must have taken such a weight off your shoulders to know at last your long, hard fight has been successful. flowers

Skybird Young Regé-Jean may not be one of our factotums but I'm sure you'll find a use for him wink
Hee hee.

I dug out my "onion holding safety device" in the hope of avoiding more unkind cuts. We'll see.

I'm going to try and walk up the road this morning. Having zero exercise is getting to me so I must make an effort.

Send Jeeves to find me if I'm not back by tomorrow...

I hope all those who haven't yet found us are well.
Thinking of you all flowers come back to us soon.

Missedout Wed 06-Jan-21 22:26:29

Hello Golden Lobster-Gangsters, Jeeves found me but thought my spirits were low. I couldn't seem to get him to understand that I was fine and didn't need reviving! He seemed so hurt not to be able to put his St Bernard training into practice that I took a drink to please him (if you believe that.....) but I needed a nap this afternoon. Of course, it was the brandy that made me sleepy, not the hike walk for exercise that DH took me on this morning. "It's a bit steep in only a few places and it hasn't rained much so it won't be muddy." DH said.

I like our new home, I hope the wifi connection used high speed fibre. I had an email from my broadband provider the other day to say that my contract had finished and they could offer me faster broadband for £8 per month less. That went well... I ended up buying a more powerful router, a mini portable mobile router and more speed. It's costing me another £3 a month.

I'm not terribly in favour of having an ornamental gardener in our lobster pot - it may be too distracting or just plain dangerous for some of us.

DH has just put another jigsaw piece in our puzzle! We are going at the rate of 3 pieces a day.

It's good to see nearly all our gang have moved successfully and welcome the new faces too. Thank you Doodle - for someone who dislikes house work almost as much as I do, you have made the new abode very homely.

I'm pleased that Mr Panache's pain is being controlled.

I too hope Dragonfly is OK.

Sleep well all, another brandy from Jeeves would help.

BradfordLass73 Thu 07-Jan-21 02:15:26

No need to send Jeeves, I'm back.
He's getting very keen Missedout trying to give you the kiss of life - glad you settled for the brandy wink

Nfk don't let the jigsaw beat you. I'm not a jigger but aren't there pieces with knobs and sockets? I think they may have different shapes.
Would it help to lay out those pieces in categories then only those which would fit that configuration? Large knobs need large sockets and so on.
Don't forget you'll need a darkened room to lie down in and Jeeves's brandy ministrations smile afterwards.

Grammaretto - you may have something in those 2 ideas. kaimoana is seafood and I LOVE seafood.

Mammissimo my bf Jane used to grow olives on her organic farm near my other house.
When it came to sending off the harvest for processing, she was told her batch would go in with those of other non-organic growers and what would be returned to her was an amalgam of all.

She was upset on 2 counts: that they couldn't have their own pure, olive oil back and that there were no facilities for processing organics.
That's 12 years ago now and I wonder if anything has changed?
Who processes your olives?

Cherry the pot Grammaretto made is bound to be female, it has lumps grin
te potiki means the youngest child - I haven't seen the film so I don't know the context - but as I am the elder of two sisters, it wouldn't work.
Why do I want a change? Just for the sake of it I suppose. My DH used to laugh at me when he came home to find the sitting room totally re-arranged every few weeks.

Love of change was one of the reasons I planned to buy a camper can when I retired. Being stuck here is hard work for my gypsy psyche. smile "Thursday's child has far to go."

Doodle do we have some interesting, cosy boxes and baskets in our new home, for all the lovely cats?

My son rang for a bit of a chat and it seems young Gubbins needs the help of a chiropractor-osteopath. They knew something was wrong when they put her in the baby seat to go shopping and she screamed until she could hardly breathe. Poor wee soul.

I am assailed on every corner by the horrific noise of lawn mowing machines and nasty, diesely fumes.
This is my idea of hell - but they have to do their job.

NfkDumpling Thu 07-Jan-21 07:35:40

The Puzzle. I am progressing but the different shades and tones (which were nicely organised for a brief spell) are infuriating. Still, it's good for me to learn to look for those little nuances of tone! I think my rate is about the same as yours Missedout. I shall have a good go at it today and sort out the shades - again.

After talking to DD1 last evening I've decided not to look at the family tree and avoid the 'puter during 'working hours'. She said that with four of them all on various tablets and laptops their internet is so slow she can no longer video conference but has to turn the screen off. It hadn't occurred to me that our Sky wi-if going so slow yesterday and dropping out occasionally was due to all the school children doing their lessons on line!

I do hope young Gubbins gets the help she needs to get straightened out Bradford. I think its amazing what can be achieved now compared with how things were when we were little. Doing this family tree and looking at all the Census returns has really made me think about how fast our lives have changed. And - Kaimoana is a lovely name. Seafood. Lobster. Very apt. It has my vote..

West Norfolk is lovely Jan, there seems to be so much more s p a c e! We often head that way for the birding and DS comes up to Hunstanton for the kite surfing. I'm way to the right of you, sort of north of the Broads towards the sea. Undulating countryside and quite high up for this part of the world, just right for catching that breeze from the Arctic!

I live in hope that while I've been dillying around posting this Panache has been on and said that they've both had a good nights sleep.

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