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Remote Learning & Grandson

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Susiewest Sat 23-Jan-21 19:59:54

As a retired teacher, my services are in demand during lockdown and especially with remote learning at the moment.
My daughter and son in law have their own business and are struggling with home learning and demands of keeping their business ticking over.
I’ve agreed to work with 6 year old grandson on the condition that he isn’t mixing with others. I’m doing this for 5 mornings a week. My husband and I both have health conditions and are 62.
Today, it has come to my attention that the grandchild have been cared for by another relative that works in the NHS. The relative has had the Covid, but my concern is that he could be carrying the virus. I suspect they’ve not thought about the implications for us.
Unsure about the level of risk, but tricky situation weighing up whether to continue with the support or decline.
I’m enjoying what I’m doing, but need to weigh up the risk. Just wonder if any grandparents in a similar position.

cornishpatsy Sat 23-Jan-21 20:05:58

You must do what you feel comfortable with.

I would not take any risks at this stage, the vaccine is on its way and I have stayed safe so far. I am very wary of children as they often have no symptoms but can pass it on.

Jaxjacky Sat 23-Jan-21 20:51:02

Your condition was no mixing with others, that’s been broken, irrespective of their job or whether they’ve had Covid, I would stop now.

Teacheranne Sat 23-Jan-21 23:10:55

If I had underlying health concerns, I would not be mixing with anyone.

Unless your daughter and son in law never leave the house ie work from home, have food deliveries etc, then you are at risk of catching Covid from them.

I am also a recently retired teacher but luckily no one has asked me to directly help with teaching although I have worked with my 13 year old nephew remotely when he was struggling.

Could one of the parents find just a couple of hours to home school while the other works then swap over? My friend runs her own business with her husband and usually they are both at the office/warehouse while a childminder sorts out school runs etc. At the moment, they do a mix of each taking a morning off to stay to home then taking their 8 yr old to their unit to work or play there until tea time. They do have to spend time in the evenings at home catching up but they are making it work.

Esspee Sat 23-Jan-21 23:20:12

Why not suggest that you will continue schooling your grandson once he has quarantined for 14 days (or whatever the current guidelines are). That shows you are willing but not prepared to risk your health.

GrannyRose15 Sat 23-Jan-21 23:21:06

I home schooled my 6 year-old grandson throughout the first lockdown. It was enjoyable but exhausting.

How many hours are you doing and is some of it actually childcare rather than home schooling? Sitting with a child across a desk for a few hours is not likely to be so risky but engaging with all his activities throughout the day is more so.

If you really are concerned, your grandson might actually like having a session with Granny every day on Zoom.

Susiewest Sun 24-Jan-21 00:17:25

Thanks for your responses. I know that there are many risks and that I have to deal with this tomorrow. I’m sure there must be thousands of grandparents in a similar position, but it’s so difficult to say no. I do feel sad that after telling me no contact occurring, that mixing has occurred. At the end of the day, it’s life and death and teaching can be put on hold till we get the vaccine.

Marydoll Sun 24-Jan-21 00:25:21

I'm a retired teacher and shielding.
I do an hour's remote teaching with my 5 year old granddaughter four days a week.
If you have health conditions, why is your daughter putting you in this position?