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Long thread with an important Covid message...please read!!!

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Supernan05 Wed 27-Jan-21 12:55:19

I post this on Social Media on Jan 18th, a few hours after I returned home following a two week stay in hospital!

“Ok, so this isn’t the sort of thing I would normally post, but...
To all the idiotic, ignorant f***wits please reconsider before you think you are too good for lockdown and rules made to keep people safe! You need to know that there are too many extremely ill people currently in hospital beds with an illness so devastating to everyone. These people caught Covid despite taking care of themselves but have likely “met” one of you idiots with no care in the world just as long as you can go out with equally stupid friends! How do I know this...well I’ve just spent two weeks in hospital, more ill than I realised, apparently critical and on the verge of ventilation on ICU. I was extremely lucky because the care I received was second to none. My husband also spent time on the same ward as me, luckily not as long though. There were nurses from other hospitals volunteering their time to keep staff numbers at an adequate level!
PLEASE, DON’T BE SELFISH....I can’t begin to describe just how devastating Covid is. Recovery can take months and it takes its toll on mental health too ?

The following didn’t go onto social media, but I feel I needed to add a bit extra...

I have mobility issues and a few underlying problems so rarely went out during the first lockdown apart from necessary hospital or gp appointments. My DH done the weekly shop either alone or with DD, and I done Xmas and birthday shopping online.
While DH and I were hospitalised my DD ordered online for click & collect with very kind neighbours kindly doing the collecting for her as she had to isolate, but did test positive after a few days ? (This is all while she works from home).
My DH is a manager at a care home for people who are deaf/blind and also have other problems such as challenging behaviours. All staff, including DH and the residents are tested weekly. All staff have tested positive at some time during the pandemic or have had to isolate when their children were sent home from school. My DH however has always been negative! So, how did we all get Covid? The only places DH went to apart from work were the bank - necessary for work - and the supermarket for our weekly shop.
My point is that the government’s advice “stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” seems too basic. People need to be reminded to wash hands often, use hand sanitiser before entering shops and wear masks properly when out. This week at a supermarket my DH went to, there was loop message reminding customers to wear masks. As DH had also been in hospital he approached a couple - woman with mask under her nose and man with mask under chin! - and said, “Please, please, please guys wear your over your mouth and nose...”, he then told them why he felt so strongly and they were happy to wear their masks correctly. DH spotted them a few more times and their masks were still in place.
I feel that whether you’ve had Covid or not it is your responsibility to follow the rules but also approach others like my DH’s the only way to get the seriousness across to some people! We should all take care to not touch items in shops unnecessarily and take care with post.
My breathing became critical despite being isolated at home almost 24/7 and so hardly mixing with anyone!
“Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” isn’t quite enough any more.
If you have read this to the end, thank you for taking the time to get to this point.
Take care, be safe and keep well ??

Supernan05 Fri 29-Jan-21 13:51:27

I was very lucky Maddyone as my rapidly worsening condition was spotted and dealt with extremely quickly and I was moved to the respiratory ward. All staff were amazing ????
Hopefully your recovery is continuing to go forward, albeit very, very slowly! At least we are home eh ☺️

Thank you to all you wonderful grans, nans, nannys and grandmas for your replies. Keep safe and well ??