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Path out of lockdown things to look forward to

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rosie1959 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:23:49

Hopefully we will start to ease out of lockdown in the mid spring to summer what are peoples thoughts what have you missed
I cant wait to get my hair cut and resume a bit more normal life if and when the virus starts to retreat.
Hopefully the vaccination program will work and will be even better if the vaccine prevents transmission

BigBertha1 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:26:38

Seeing my daughter and grandson and hearing him play his guitar for me.

A hairdo

A round of golf with anyone really.

Eating out - so bored of my own cooking

Time alone

EllanVannin Mon 01-Feb-21 12:54:46

Not being mindful of who's around me when I shop. I dodge people like I'd dodge a bullet and it's not normal.

Seeing my GGC. Going to D's house to view the work's that's been done this last 18 months as it started before lockdown----and even during too.

Meeting up with friends and catching up with their news/ lives. These are lovely friends from my working years who make me feel alive and that's got to be good.

rosie1959 Mon 01-Feb-21 13:51:18

I have two holidays booked transfers from last year can just wait and see they are uk and Jersey
I am pretty fed up of staying at home even a day trip to the seaside would be a treat

Esspee Mon 01-Feb-21 14:56:23

Walking down the aisle and hearing those magical words.............

“This is your captain speaking”

rosie1959 Mon 01-Feb-21 15:06:50

Esspee gave me a chuckle though for me it’s “ we have docked in Jersey will all drivers return to their cars”

Woodmouse Fri 05-Feb-21 21:26:04

Being able to invite friends and family to our new home, which we bought at the end of August 2020 and haven't been able to have anyone here yet!

Grandma70s Fri 05-Feb-21 21:36:05

Seeing family. I haven’t seen my grandchildren or my younger son for a year. The last time I saw my elder son was August, I think.

Going to the dentist, I have no evidence anything is wrong, but I would like to be sure, and get it sorted if necessary.

Hairdresser would be nice, but dentist is far more important.

BlueSky Fri 05-Feb-21 21:38:56

I haven’t missed anything really, that is you soon get used to do without.

Jaxjacky Fri 05-Feb-21 22:07:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jaxjacky Fri 05-Feb-21 22:07:55

How did that mixed post happen!

Franbern Sat 06-Feb-21 09:44:17

Being able to go to Theatre and cinema and Library.
Being able to go out and just pop in to a restaurant for a meal without having to book in advance.
Being able to go to visit National Trust properties and animal parks
Having friends and family come to visit and stay overnight.
Go to visit friends and family for overnight stays.
Having this whole fog of fear that hangs over us to be lifted

GrannySomerset Sat 06-Feb-21 09:48:27

Being spontaneous and not having to plan every move.

Mollygo Sat 06-Feb-21 21:09:41

Seeing family and friends. It’s funny, some of them are so far away that Facetime or WhatsApp is normal, but when we can’t even do a once year visit, it’s appalling.
Hair and nails. Oh how I miss a good haircut - I’m getting used to DH doing the colour but I’m not risking cutting.
Coffee with friends
Holidays and not having to fight to get a refund!
Work with physical contacts, not just Teams or Zoom.

Blossoming Wed 17-Feb-21 17:32:30

I am really looking forward to the resumption of bulky waste collections! We’ve been waiting almost a year to get rid of a mattress and a couple of armchairs, also some bulky garden rubbish. Then we can get on with other plans.

Redhead56 Wed 17-Feb-21 17:45:41

Being free of this house arrest seeing my family and hugging my gorgeous little granddaughters. Going out for meals and drinks with friends whenever the mood takes us. Going to our favourite rugby club and watching a rugby match.

ayse Wed 17-Feb-21 17:50:38

Visiting family in Bristol and NZ.

Closer to home a cup of coffee and cake with a friend indoors in a cafe. I’m not bothered about pubs or eating out, just a simple pleasure.

A hair cut as I haven’t had one for over a year.

suziewoozie Wed 17-Feb-21 17:57:39


I am really looking forward to the resumption of bulky waste collections! We’ve been waiting almost a year to get rid of a mattress and a couple of armchairs, also some bulky garden rubbish. Then we can get on with other plans.

Oh I love this - so down to earth ?

hollysteers Wed 17-Feb-21 18:16:25

Getting back to my gypsy style existence, roaming about, finding new places in Britain to tick off the list. I’m happiest when some wheels are turning round beneath me, taking me somewhere different.
Dressing up for nights out with girlfriends, a real tonic and good laugh. Feeling happy in crowded pubs with live music.
Having family and friends to stay and fussing over them.