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Lockdown hotel mismanagement - are we surprised?

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GagaJo Mon 15-Feb-21 22:25:48

Border staff received guidelines on how to execute England’s new “red list” quarantine rules in an email two and a half hours before they came into force in a rollout that one worker described as “an absolute joke”.

British and Irish nationals or UK residents arriving from a list of 33 countries are now required to book a 10-day quarantine package costing £1,750 per adult, as the government seeks to limit the spread of new and potentially more dangerous coronavirus variants arriving from abroad.

Eloethan Tue 16-Feb-21 00:06:44

Not at all surprised.

Hetty58 Tue 16-Feb-21 00:12:56

Nope - not surprised - just the latest in a long line of half-baked, inadequate, haphazard 'measures' introduced with the usual incompetence - what else would we expect?

nanna8 Tue 16-Feb-21 03:28:30

Don’t look to us in Victoria we have stuffed it up- again !

GagaJo Tue 16-Feb-21 07:31:28

It needed doing. And there have been examples from overseas of how to do it well.

Based on zero evidence, I suspect that the hand of cronyism is at play again. But maybe I am just bitter.

Daisymae Tue 16-Feb-21 08:03:11

Think that there's too many cooks in this. They need an excellent logistics person in charge. I rather think that the army should pop in again, apparently if you ask them to do something it gets done. According to Tony Blair.

eazybee Tue 16-Feb-21 08:10:38

I am rather more surprised by the actions of a Mrs.Tadayon, aged 68, returning from a trip to see family in Dubai, who was not expecting to be placed in self-isolation because she suffers from a health condition "which means she needs to be around people in case anything happens" and was expecting to self-isolate at home. She will also miss out on her vaccination, scheduled for this week.[ As quoted in today's Telegraph.]
What was she doing going to Dubai in the first place?

GagaJo Tue 16-Feb-21 08:25:59

Daisymae, I totally agree about the army. I also think they should be involved in enforcing lockdown.

Mrs. Tadayon sounds a few sandwiches short of a picnic eazybee. Lucky for her, that there will be people on duty 24 hours a day at her isolation hotel.

WW010 Tue 16-Feb-21 09:49:10

I’ve just read that only £700 is going to the hotel. £1000 is going to Serco for Track and Trace! If true that’s appalling after the 22billion they’ve already had.