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So angry at them letting the Brazil virus in

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Polarbear2 Mon 01-Mar-21 10:34:48

I’m seething at hearing about this person wandering the country with the Brazilian virus. He ‘didn’t fill in a contact form’ apparently. What the ****** is going on! If someone doesn’t want to fill in a form isolate them for 2 weeks. If you go to the US and don’t fill in a green form you don’t get in!!!! What are our border services playing at.

BlueBelle Mon 01-Mar-21 12:40:28

I believe this happened a month ago whitwave

Alegrias1 Mon 01-Mar-21 12:40:39


The Scottish cases flew from Brazil to Paris and then London ....then apparently made their way north without any attepmt to isolate ! WE really need control of our borders ,we had no deaths last year for over 8 weeks until the tourists started swarming over the border and got abuse for saying to them please dont come during the pandemic .Boris of course said ther IS NO BORDER .Now we're facing the same again ,you'd almost think its part of the chief clowns plan to keep us infected !!

That's not the case paddyanne. The three cases found in Scotland all isolated on their arrival in Aberdeen at the expense of their employer, as they were required to. They tested positive during their isolation and the government are now tracing people who were on the flight with them.

All 3 are Scottish residents, by the way.

B9exchange Mon 01-Mar-21 12:52:11

I think once the daily numbers reduce to last summer's levels we should stop publishing them, and stop the constant Covid updates in the press. With the vulnerable vaccinated, we have to get back to normal, and as long as people are bombarded with numbers of people dying, they will continue to be too scared to resume their normal lives. Around 1400 people die every day in the UK, that is normal, but if we had news broadcasts of how many had died each day on the evening news, no-one would ever go out!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 01-Mar-21 12:52:12

Thank you for the clarification Alegrias1

Polarbear2 Mon 01-Mar-21 12:52:21

You’re all right. It will happen and I shouldn’t seethe. I’ll go sort bedding. ?‍♀️ (I’m still mad tho!)

NellG Mon 01-Mar-21 13:05:27

Any news that makes it feel as though there's been backwards step is going to make us react. We've waited a long time to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this so to feel that all the 'good work' is being undone is bound to cause frustration. I think it helps to work out what that light is, it cant be the eradication of Covid and its variants because that's not possible, what it can be is enough of us vaccinated and/or immune so that transmission is minimal and immunity at its maximum. The good news about the person with the Brazillian variant is that they took a test, because of that the vaccines can be adjusted to take account of the variant. It could have been better, but some knowledge is better than none. The bottom line is that it was going to pop up sometime or later, this just puts things ahead of the game. Let's try not to let the media whip up too much upset. If we all carry on being sensible, decent humans we're all being part of the solution and not the problem and that's the only way forward in my mind.

Alegrias1 Mon 01-Mar-21 13:10:56

Very wise and balanced post NellG.

GillT57 Mon 01-Mar-21 13:15:16

I am surprised there are only 3 cases to be honest, seeing as this country was the last to shut the gates. Johnson spluttering away on the 1pm news claiming that we 'have world beating measures to stop new variants coming in' yeah right.

PippaZ Mon 01-Mar-21 13:38:28

This was one of the randomly tested positive results. There will be others who have this strain who tested positive, received their result but it was never genome sequenced; not all of them are. We have a highly effective genome sequencing capability but cannot keep these mutations out of stop mutations happening here.

Cathymac Mon 01-Mar-21 13:59:27

I agree with Alegrias. The Scottish travellers had no symptoms when they returned. They went into isolation and developed symptoms during that time . Public Health officials are hoping that there won’t be community transmission but of course we will need to wait and see .

Cathymac Mon 01-Mar-21 14:25:15

The corona virus will continue to mutate and it will be a race to adapt the vaccines ... just as scientists have to update the flu vaccines every year . The use of treatments and vaccines causes viruses to evolve so that they can continue to spread . Unfortunately we will have to get used to the idea of many different strains of the virus making an appearance .

PippaZ Mon 01-Mar-21 15:20:07

High numbers of cases increase the risk of mutation so we need to work at getting those numbers down both here and worldwide.

My worry would be that the science tells us the return to schools will put the 'R' up over 1. That can only mean the numbers of cases will increase.

PamelaJ1 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:13:59


It wasn’t a flight passenger Pamela. It was a home test.

Sorry I haven’t been back. Busy all day. How can that be???‍♀️
I thought that they had pinpointed the flight the person came in on. From Zurich.
They are giving (or were) passengers a home test kit.
As people are not able to travel straight from the red countries they are now travelling via other non red countries so they can avoid Quarantine.
I bubble with a woman whose DS is in Dubai. His wife and child are on their way back now. Having a bit of a holiday in Greece on their way.
I do wish people wouldn’t tell me these things. It brings out the goody two shoes in me.?

maddyone Mon 01-Mar-21 18:31:12

It’s just said on BBC news that the passenger arrived on February 10th and quarantine wasn’t introduced until later in the month. They said the date but I can’t remember what was said.
I also saw a picture of Heathrow taken last night on the BBC. I couldn’t believe how many people were in the arrivals area. Where are they all coming from? Why are they coming here? We’re on lockdown! Do not leave your home! Do not travel! Do not socialise with anyone outside of your home! It’s unbelievable!

Hetty58 Mon 01-Mar-21 19:04:00

maddyone, I'm amazed at how many planes fly over here - and the amount of traffic. It's not eerily quiet like the first lock down at all!

M0nica Mon 01-Mar-21 19:18:54

The selfish and careless are always with us, and are only a small group. The best thing to do is lead the way ourselves, by obeying the rules. Then as EV, BlueBelle et al say, these viruses spread one way or anothr and we just have to learn to live with them.

Peasblossom Mon 01-Mar-21 19:28:47

Oamela I think you’re getting a bit muddled between the cases that came in on the flight from Zurich and this one unidentifiable case that was picked up randomly as a result of surge testing.

Test and trace are following up all passengers on the Zurich flight but they can’t trace this random home test because the details were not filled in. They are asking anyone who took a test on 12th or 13th Feb who has not had a result to get in contact. They know it was a test taken at home.

I get the daily updates to my inbox. You can see this information there.

Peasblossom Mon 01-Mar-21 19:29:09

Pamela. Sorry, fat finger!

Peasblossom Mon 01-Mar-21 19:33:33

“Two cases are from one household with a history of travel to Brazil.....travelling from San Pauli via Zurich.

Further investigation is underway regarding the third (unlinked) case”

Peasblossom Mon 01-Mar-21 19:38:14

Unless they’ve discovered who it was since I got the email?

varian Mon 01-Mar-21 19:41:52

The Vote Leave government promised to control our borders - they have proven to be quite incapable of doing that.

The Vote Leave government was going to make trade easier by reducing beaurocracy - since brexit beaurocracy has mushroomed exponentially

The Vote Leave government lied and lied and lied and still people were taken in and voted for the liars.

Sara1954 Mon 01-Mar-21 22:20:50

I agree with everything EllanVannin says, no point repeating it.

M0nica Tue 02-Mar-21 15:05:27

New variants do not necessarily arrive in this country directly from the country where the variant developed.

Someone who has never been west of Ireland, nor East of Greece could have gone to, say, Norway and picked it up from someone there who had never left the country but had been in contact with someone from South America.

PamelaJ1 Tue 02-Mar-21 15:09:49

Peasblossom I must be muddled. Doesn’t take much?

sodapop Tue 02-Mar-21 17:50:37


The corona virus will continue to mutate and it will be a race to adapt the vaccines ... just as scientists have to update the flu vaccines every year . The use of treatments and vaccines causes viruses to evolve so that they can continue to spread . Unfortunately we will have to get used to the idea of many different strains of the virus making an appearance .

I agree with Cathymac we will be living with this virus in its different forms for a very long time.
We have to learn to live with it as safely as we can and improve treatments and vaccines.