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So angry at them letting the Brazil virus in

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Polarbear2 Mon 01-Mar-21 10:34:48

I’m seething at hearing about this person wandering the country with the Brazilian virus. He ‘didn’t fill in a contact form’ apparently. What the ****** is going on! If someone doesn’t want to fill in a form isolate them for 2 weeks. If you go to the US and don’t fill in a green form you don’t get in!!!! What are our border services playing at.

Franbern Fri 05-Mar-21 08:55:05


I think once the daily numbers reduce to last summer's levels we should stop publishing them, and stop the constant Covid updates in the press. With the vulnerable vaccinated, we have to get back to normal, and as long as people are bombarded with numbers of people dying, they will continue to be too scared to resume their normal lives. Around 1400 people die every day in the UK, that is normal, but if we had news broadcasts of how many had died each day on the evening news, no-one would ever go out!

I agree about stopping the daily publication of figures. This has never happened in the past. If daily figures of hosptalisation and deaths were published daily every winter, people would be horrified.

On my local county charts, I note that except for a very high peak last April and a small one late January/early February this year - the average five yearly number of deaths have always been higher than the Covid ones this year. I know this is not the case throughout the country.

However, deaths occur daily all the time - just think what would happen if that was not the case!!! With the vaccine roll-out )being carried out so efficiently, thank goodness in the hands of the NHS, not the government), we need to start thinking about a return to normal lives and give our young people a chance of normality.

Variants ARE going to continue - and in the world as it is, they are going to get into all countries. We need to really start serious consideration of getting vaccines to those poorer countries to give the whole world a better chance of dealing with this particular virus.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 05-Mar-21 09:27:11

I am sure that I have read somewhere recently that before Covid the average number of deaths per day in the UK were 1400, these are not published each day.
Time to stop daily Covid figures must be on the horizon.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 05-Mar-21 16:31:34

DH has just read online that the missing sixth person who tested positive for the Brazil variant has been found.

Jaxjacky Fri 05-Mar-21 16:40:53

GrannyGravy13 another press conference today at 5 which I believe will mention that.

PamelaJ1 Fri 05-Mar-21 17:57:03

He/she has been found and has been isolating.
Hopefully that means that the virus has been contained.