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Driving after lockdown

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Santana Fri 05-Mar-21 10:47:25

Several times recently I have been behind elderly ladies at the supermarket checkout, who have admitted that it's their first time out for nearly a year.
I'm all for getting independence back, but they were flustered at the till, forgetting bags and credit cards, and then getting in their car to drive home.
Please everyone, take care when you haven't driven for a while!

yggdrasil Fri 05-Mar-21 11:18:00

Last November I had an operation which meant for insurance purposes couldn't drive for 6 weeks. It did feel a bit odd when I went back to driving, but I was very careful and am back in the swing of it now. Mind you, I only drove anywhere one or two times a week when I had to , so that hasn't changed

BigBertha1 Fri 05-Mar-21 11:29:53

Its a good idea to have the car checked over if it hasn't been anywhere much for a while. After the last lockdown I saw a couple in Morrisons Car Park whose car wouldnt start as the battery had gone flat. Tyres need checking for pressures and test the oil level.

tanith Fri 05-Mar-21 11:53:08

My cars just had its annual MOT and service I’ve made a point of taking a drive up the motorway every couple of weeks just to get out and blow the cobwebs from me and the car.

TwiceAsNice Fri 05-Mar-21 12:03:15

Just had MOT and service. I have been driving occasionally to local farm shop( much better social distancing than supermarket) to give the car a little run.

A few years ago had an eye operation which meant I couldn’t drive for 3 months so it was weird driving again.

Daughter drove me to appt today twice what looked like very elderly drivers made silly mistakes near us so need to keep your wits about you

Fennel Fri 05-Mar-21 14:49:20

I thought this was going to be about a problem that we have.
Husband says - let's go to the coast - 15 miles away -for a walk.
So we set off, and halfway car starts overheating - beep beep etc. we had to be towed back home. Garage checkup - no explanation.
A few weeks later tried again - same problem at exact same spot. This time we turned and drove slowly home. Saying prayers while crossing the Tyne Bridge, "breakdowns will be towed" etc.
Our car must know the covid rules.

handbaghoarder Fri 05-Mar-21 15:02:30

Whilst working I spent much of my time driving, home visiting. Since retirement 4 years ago I’m aware that I’ve lost confidence on the roads and this has been exacerbated by lockdown. When this happened to my older sister a few years ago I must admit I couldn't understand how she could suddenly be so timid after many years of driving. I guess what goes around and all that!! But I’m determined to get back out there ASAP !

MayBee70 Fri 05-Mar-21 15:05:59

I read that you need to take your car for a good 15 mile spin if it hasn’t been driven for a while Anything less than that will flatten the battery. I haven’t been in a supermarket for a year now but when I’ve been for my flu, pneumonia and covid vaccines I’ve found that I feel very disorientated wearing a mask. On top of that trying not to touch my face, deal with credit cards, glasses steaming up etc. Maybe if I went out more it wouldn’t happen. I am quite nervous at the thought of driving again, though, but I’ve always been a nervous driver.

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 15:10:59

I feel for you Fennel, I had a car that would resolutely break down two miles from home. I became very good friends with the breakdown man, it spent many hours in the garage, but no fault was found and in the end I sold it. Now I have confidence that when I get behind the wheel, I can actually get where I need to go!

I fear so many people will have lost so much confidence, even to step outside their front door, let alone get behind the wheel of a car.

cornishpatsy Fri 05-Mar-21 16:03:04

After not driving for a while my battery was low, charged enough to start the car however stop-start would not work and power steering stopped working when I had the heater and lights on. Very scary as it was not like old cars without power steering it was impossible for me to drive.

Franbern Fri 05-Mar-21 16:28:56

Throughout this last year I have continued taking my car to go for my weekly supermarket shop. Only six miles round trip, but felt this was good for me, and good for car.

Late Spring, last year when we were first allowed back out, I arranged to visit friends about 50 miles down the motorway. I was totally astonished that the night before this visit, I got myself quite worked up and worrying about that trip. It was a motorway I had never driven down previously, - but even so - I have never been a nervous driver. Must say, that once I was in the car on my way, I relaxed and felt fine.

Looking forward to when I will be permitted to drive a good distance to visit my daughter in London. All on roads I know extremely well from 'normal times'.

Fennel Fri 05-Mar-21 16:49:42

Thanks all . The general advice seems to be
After not using a car for many months it doesn't immediately revert to previous performance.
The problem now is to convince Husband that your advice is correct,
I'll go by bus as long as I can

PaperMonster Fri 05-Mar-21 17:25:52

I’ve not really been in a position where I’ve not gone out in the car other than the two lockdowns but I have found that over the past year people have started driving more recklessly and at speed. Freaks me out!

MayBee70 Fri 05-Mar-21 18:17:24

I’ve seen more people speeding through our village in the last year than I’ve ever done before and it’s been even worse during lockdowns.