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Really upset by GP's receptionist attitude

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GrandmaTrisha Wed 05-May-21 12:00:42

I had my first vaccine jab via my GP's surgery on 11th Feb and it was the Phizer one. I am due my second one tomorrow 6th May.
On 22nd April, I received a text from them to ask me to book my next appointment but we had booked a last minute break for the following week, getting back on 30th April. I got another text the following day 'reminding me' to book this & I replied to say that we were away but that I would log onto the link every day to take the first appointment that became available after we got back. Up till now, they have run vaccine clinics on both Tuesdays & Thursdays so I didn't think there would be a problem with this.
I know they are doing sessions this week because my husband who had the AZ one has managed to book an appointment for tomorrow.
Since I got the texts from the GP, I've logged onto the link every day as requested but no appointments at all have become available.
This morning I had to visit the GP's surgery for a physio appointment & my appointment was for 10:45. I got there at 10:40, rang the bell & was told by the receptionist to wait outside until the physio was free. I then received a phone call almost 15mins later from the physio to ask where I was as I was late for my appointment. I told him I had been waiting outside in the cold for over 15 mins! He came & let me in and as I walked past the receptionist, she just stared at me, no apology whatsoever for forgetting I was left standing out there.
On my way out, I took the opportunity to speak to this 'lady' to ask her when I could expect to be able to book a 2nd vaccine appointment as I couldn't seem to do this via their link only to be told ' we haven't got any Phizer vaccine, you will have to ring up next week & see if we've got any' I said I was concerned that my 12 weeks was up tomorrow but her reply was 'well, you aren't on your own' I asked her if I could book an appointment to get the job done elsewhere else to which she replied 'you can if you want to try but you won't know what vaccine they are giving till you get there so you could just be wasting your time' That appeared to be the end of the conversation as far as she was concerned.
I fully understand that had I not been on holiday, then an appointment may have been available but it was this woman's whole dismissive and lmost rude attitude towards me that upset me, almost as if I was just a nuisance.
I got home in tears & will just have to play the waiting game now.

Eloethan Fri 21-May-21 00:50:48

There's no excuse for such rudeness.

growstuff Fri 21-May-21 14:16:44


growstuff; I have an adult child with type 1 diabetes. I know what it means to have other issues as well with the condition. There have never, ever been any problems with getting urgent treatment. I can only say that whenever the need arises the surgery have been brilliant, including at present with all the pandemic problems. (And, yes, they have lots of other health problems)

Well, I can only say that my surgery is nothing like yours. It really is appalling and was going downhill rapidly before Covid struck.

growstuff Fri 21-May-21 14:20:32

After my heart attack, I was given a letter by the hospital asking the GP to see me urgently within two days. I paid for a taxi to take the letter to the GP because I couldn't walk that far. I was told the first appointment was in five weeks! Maybe I should direct my GP surgery to yours to find out the meaning of "urgent". I ended up back in hospital for tests and medication, which could and should have been handled by the GP.