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Using home testing kit for the first time.

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Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 13:43:36

I assumed the box contained ready to use swabs but took real concentration to work out the instructions. Not an easy task for someone who failed all sciences but I got there in the end, with some choking and spluttering.

As we are going to meet our new grandson (and toddler granddaughter) I thought a test was essential. We are staying in a self contained Airbnb unit and meeting up in an outside cafe for some meals.

Before the angry brigade pounce I did spend some time trying to see if this was covered elsewhere but couldn’t find a home for it.

3nanny6 Thu 06-May-21 13:50:42

Kasimo did you have the ready to use swabs in your box?

My box had the swabs in and everything else. I took my first test yesterday. It was all new to me being the first time but
I got through it. The worst thing for me was the swab up the nostril and just managed to get it out when it started a bout of sneezing.
So far so good and it gave me a negative result.

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 14:02:59

You need to be fairly dexterous with snapping off lids etc.

When we went to the testing centre we were just given the test stick and that’s what I expected in the box.

The throat bit was worse for me but at least it tells you if the test wasn’t successful apparently.

Just got to catch my OH when he gets back from getting new tyres.

He protested that he didn’t need nit treatment despite me pointing out that he had been reading to the nit spreader with her head next to his. He’ll no doubt cooperate for the grandchildren’s sake!

Galaxy Thu 06-May-21 14:05:30

How did you think you would get the result though?

Liz46 Thu 06-May-21 14:25:03

Have a pair of scissors handy!

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 14:41:35


How did you think you would get the result though?

Not sure what you mean Galaxy?

I’ve waited the 30 minutes required (says has to be precise) and it’s come up as negative. Just one line on the test strip.

I’ve read and reread the booklet but not 100 % sure if negative tests need to be reported, or just the positive ones?

tanith Thu 06-May-21 14:42:51

Why scissors? Liz46

tanith Thu 06-May-21 14:43:55

You report all results Kamiso

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 14:46:16

Penny’s dropped Galaxy! Clearly I am an idiot and didn’t think it through.

I suppose some kind of container with the testing liquid that you just put the test strip in wouldn’t be feasible for some scientific reason.

Will get my scissors ready Liz. The snap off bit just didn’t want to cooperate!

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 14:47:12

Thanks Tanith.

Kamiso Thu 06-May-21 15:13:58

Went ok til I got to my postcode and refused to accept it!?. I’ve reported it so waiting to see what they say. Been using the postcode code for 15 years. Tried with a gap and without!

It also asked if I had help with the form so I wrote the grans from gransnet!

silverlining48 Thu 06-May-21 15:30:51

Just done our first test. An immediate line by the c but will wait required half hour. What a performance, but we will know what we are doing next time. Wish I didn’t gag so easily as never know if I am doing it properly, but can only do my best.
Didn’t know we had to report results....

geekesse Thu 06-May-21 15:49:15

If you really can’t do the throat but, it is acceptable to do both nostrils instead, according to the advice on the NHS video. I have to do it twice a week...

geekesse Thu 06-May-21 15:51:16

*throat bit

love0c Thu 06-May-21 20:17:12

You certainly need to take care. A friend has been taking part in a study which involves regular tests. She has damaged her voice box and now needs to go for voice therapy.

annsixty Thu 06-May-21 21:05:46

When I went for my test before my hip surgery I was very apprehensive as I had been told it must go up your nose until your eyes water and down your throat until you gag.
When neither of those things happened I remarked on it to the nurse.
She said that just isn’t necessary as long as it has been “ wiped around”.
All subsequent tests were the same.
Who is right?

Atqui Thu 06-May-21 21:11:03

With covid being transmitted by droplets from breath you wouldn’t think you’d have to shove it right up your nostril- “wiping it round” sounds more logical

Liz46 Sat 08-May-21 18:45:05


Why scissors? Liz46

Some of the things are in strong plastic bags and my fingers were not strong enough to break them.

Amberone Sat 08-May-21 20:42:58

There is a really good video here (if I get the link right!) about doing self testing with swabs