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Letter from GP.

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Bopeep14 Tue 11-May-21 17:21:52

I received a letter from my GP a couple of weeks ago, informing me that anyone who lives in my household who hasn’t already had the vaccine can now have it as I am vulnerable.

My daughter lives in my household, she rung up our GP to book her test and was told the vaccine team would ring her back they haven’t as yet.

Today I was invited to book my 2nd jab which is three weeks late, while I was on the phone, I mentioned my daughter and they asked her details, and asked me to hold on the phone, when she came back I was told she is too young, she is early 30s.

I have since reread the letter and it says 30 and over, I rung them back, they will not book her an appointment, she cannot do it on the NHS website as according to that she isn’t eligible.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

Maggiemaybe Wed 12-May-21 11:13:47

How odd. It sounds as though your GP’s left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing! I can understand that the NHS website won’t allow her to book, as that’s now open to late 30s and above. But your GP surgery needs to explain why they’ve sent out that letter if they won’t act on it. confused

jusnoneed Wed 12-May-21 11:17:33

My son aged 32 and four of his friends around same age had their first jabs two weeks ago. They were all phoned by the doctors surgery.
Our area has always been a bit in front of the national age trend but I know other places have been doing 30 yrs and up.

jaylucy Wed 12-May-21 11:30:38

I thought that the over 30s were to be given an alternative vaccine to the Astra Zeneca, that is more widely available than the Pfizer.
My guess is, and don't treat this as gospel, but my guess is that they are waiting for something like the Moderna vaccine to be passed and used for the over 30s.
Until then, anyone under 40 will have to wait a bit longer for their vaccination due to the possible blood clots if given the Astra Zeneca.
Either that or they are waiting for more Pfizer doses to be manufactured - those waiting for their second dose will come first for that.

Marydoll Wed 12-May-21 23:02:51

As a shielder, I received both a text and letter from the Scottish Govt advising me that anyone over 16 in my household is now eligible for vaccination to help protect me. In Scotland this can be done via the vaccination helpline.

There is only DH and I in our home, but DD and SIL, my unpaid carers were eligible for vaccinations weeks ago.

Ro60 Thu 13-May-21 08:58:12

I tried to book a vaccine for my friend on-line since she has just received her letter.
The system let me book the first & then goes on to book the second vaccine - only it kept saying there weren't any appointments available - despite trying to enter various dates/times. Then threw me out of the system.

Reluctantly, I went to the pharmacy we had selected who booked the appointment for Friday & let me book my second vaccine to boot - even though my first was at a different place & they still haven't contacted me for this. my
So we are both having our vaccines at the same time. The assistant informed me you can no longer book the second on-line or F2F.
Yet the on-line booking has not been updated. ?

NotSpaghetti Thu 13-May-21 14:52:28

My son is "late" for his 2nd vaccination as there were apparently no "slots". He has spent hours trying to get it sorted and finally has an appointment for next week.
He is now well overdue.

I worry a bit as he was part of the shielding group. Why is it all so hit-and-miss? My husband had no problem booking his as it was automatic when he booked the first one.

Marydoll Thu 13-May-21 16:23:31

As a shielder in Scotland, I had to chase up both jags. Younger and healthier friends were getting theirs, but I still hadn't got mine.
Mine had to be done in the doctor's surgery, as I was considered too vulnerable to got to the hub. It did cause me some anxiety, I have to say.

Bopeep14 Wed 19-May-21 13:31:19

I have today actually managed to speak to a member of the vaccine team, only to be told that the criteria has changed and anyone in my household is no longer eligible.

He said we should have rung when we got the letter, I got quite annoyed with him as we have been trying to get it done since we got the letter.

When I asked why I had not been informed of this he said it’s been in the news, you should know from that. He shouldn’t have to inform anyone.

When I said people in other parts of the country are getting the vaccine at 17 years old with no underlying health conditions, his answer was well they are entitled to because of the Indian variant.

So all in all people who live where the Indian variant is are more important than us who are clinically vulnerable.

I have to laugh as my daughter actually works in one of these areas and is customer facing. ?