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Vaccine allergy

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b1zzle Mon 17-May-21 11:19:31

Anyone else unable to have the vaccine because of allergies? I am seriously allergic to sucrose (makes me violently ill) and so
far it is a constituent in all four currently available vaccines.

growstuff Mon 17-May-21 11:41:04

Are you allergic to or intolerant of sucrose? There's a difference. What are you symptoms? How do you survive, given that fruit and vegetables contain sucrose (far more than any vaccine dose)?

There's sucrose in vaccines to help the molecules keep their shape. The amount is miniscule.

Talk to your doctor or immunologist.

CafeAuLait Mon 17-May-21 23:34:07

That's something to discuss with your doctor. If your doctor has advised for or against the vaccine and you still aren't sure, get a second or third opinion. There will always be some people who can't receive the vaccine. Your doctor will be able to advise you on that.