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Not freedom day, but "you've got the vaccine and now go back to being cogs in the economic wheel day"

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PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 08:12:37

And what's wrong with that? Well, nothing as far as I'm concerned. It's honest. It was never going to be a new VE Day as Baby Boris wanted. It's not "back to normal". It could be a slow step toward a covid compatible future.

But it only can if you stop thinking of it as a day when you can cast your cares to the winds. It's a small step forward with many caveats. However, we are still 'governed' by a government that would not keep their jobs if they were in a commercial world - too many of them are incompetent.

It can be a step in the right direction. If we all take responsibility for our actions and take care of ourselves and be aware of taking care for the sake of others we may move forward. If we continue with Johnson's great idea of setting the carefree and careless against the responsible we may find ourselves back where we started.

So good luck to us all - especially those who are vulnerable and anxious and let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't need yet another government U-turn.

Gingster Mon 19-Jul-21 08:20:20

Hear, hear Pippa ??

Lincslass Mon 19-Jul-21 08:45:16

Yes, this is the way to go forward. Although out shopping the other day, many youngsters and adult males not bothering to wear masks in shop, surely not all exempt. Not going to get any better unfortunately, I think more will throw caution to the wind and throw their masks away.

Elegran Mon 19-Jul-21 08:52:48

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"^ There are two routes we can take from this point.

1) We can celebrate our freedom from being forced to consider the common good by - er - considering the common good. We can take responsibility for how we act, for the sake of our own health and that of others.

or 2) We can celebrated "Freedom day" by throwing away all masks and sanitiser and not bothering to wash our hands, by meeting up with everyone we have kept away from for more than a year, by hugging them all and kissing all the babies, going to all the football, concerts, raves, parties, demonstrations, kneees-up of all sorts, in crowded arenas and smoky bars, and travelling to every destination we can afford and repeating all that celebration with a fresh lot of contacts. In a few weeks time we will find out the consequence of freedom without responsibility. This will be followed by a new and harsher lockdown, since we are clearly not grown-up enough to think before we act.

"It can be a step in the right direction. If we all take responsibility for our actions and take care of ourselves and be aware of taking care for the sake of others we may move forward. If we continue with Johnson's great idea of setting the carefree and careless against the responsible we may find ourselves back where we started."^

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 08:54:14

There is a problem with "freedoms". They can either add to or limit other people's freedom.

Freedom to make careless decisions about masks may limit other peoples freedom from want if it means they cannot work.

You also have to ask what freedom there is for those who will now be "free" from the level of government support they have been getting or "free" from work because their job no longer exists.

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 08:55:38

A bit of a crossed post Elegran. Sorry!

Elegran Mon 19-Jul-21 09:08:31

Just after posting, Pippa, I saw on Facebook an image of a teatowel with a quote from Nelson Mandela in 1995 "Now is the time to accept in our hearts and minds that with freedom comes responsibility."

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 11:10:00

Very true but sadly we all know Johnsons core values do not include responsibility to others.

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 11:11:06

Mind you that doesn't stop us behaving responsibly.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 19-Jul-21 11:24:45

I shall continue wearing the mask, shall continue avoiding crowds, can't afford not to. Good Luck everyone!

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 11:45:08

Most of the pubs/shops here appear to have not relaxed the previous guidelines much at all and many are still insisting on masks and social distancing etc.

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 12:41:43

It makes sense JaneJudge. The businesses may be able to make additional changes slowly, as we see what happens. The owner's decisions now will be made relative to what makes their business viable. That includes keeping staff safe.

Someone on Politics Live has just said she is not anxious but she will be careful. That's just how I feel. I will be anxious if we see things going in the wrong direction and nothing is done. But much as I have no faith in Boris, I don't think others working on this would let it happen or rather I live in hope.

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 12:47:42

I feel the same way and I guess businesses like pubs/cafes that have outside space will have more flexibility because it's summer and hopefully will stay dry (but not create a drought wink )

I think the anxiety is caused by the virus being so random in how it affects people. My son had it a few weeks ago (we escaped it!) and I wouldn't have thought it was covid especially as I know other people who have been so ill with it (and some die unfortunately)

Soroptimum Mon 19-Jul-21 12:52:14

Just been shopping in local Sainsbury’s. Quite a few not wearing masks - I suppose I wasn’t surprised, but still it worries me. Also, many shelves bare, random items but also my favourite Chardonnay!

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 13:02:11

I've seen a bit of low or empty shelves Soroptimum but it's difficult to know if it's Covid, Brexit or a combination of both.

Bit much not having your Chardonnay though wink

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 13:07:35

I wonder if there will be an uptick in the numbers wearing visors JaneJudge. They should give added protection to the wearer and so might be used to offset those not wearing masks.

Glad to hear your son was okay but you are right about the random feeling about who gets it and how badly. I wonder what research is being done about vaccinating the young. It will be happening.

LondonMzFitz Mon 19-Jul-21 13:15:31

I was on the NHS Shielding list like others, compromised immune system. My London office of 15 people have been told all back to work next Monday, 26th, and I was composing an email over the weekend in that I won't be getting on any crowded trains in rush hour and would work late if needed. I'm lucky in that I can walk to an overground train into London Bridge but there's only 4 trains an hour and they've been increasingly busy in the last few weeks (I've had to come in on odd days for roofers, cleaners, new starters etc). Management have reviewed their decision today in light of increased cases. Can you imagine, 15 of us getting off different public transport systems in rush hour working in the same office, sharing the same 2 loo's, same kettle etc, plus some of these colleagues working in still operational hospitals; without taking into consideration the home lives and whoever colleagues are mixing with or travelling with ... I really do think this is going to have a messy outcome in 10 -15 days.

Only one of my 15 colleagues has caught Covid, before Christmas, he lives alone and was quite unwell, but not ill enough to be hospitalised. One colleagues father in law has died of Covid (in Eastern Europe), one colleagues father (in India), another colleagues mother in law (lived with his family here in London and took care of the small children). Two other colleagues have had close relatives die of illnesses that could be put as the NHS too busy with Covid to ensure full care, a mother (aged 68) that was on blood thinners who had a fall, bleed to brain and died, another mother in law who was very poorly but sent home on two occasions only to be readmitted. So it's not just the pressure on the NHS for Covid cases, it's the knock-on to other treatments, surgeries etc.

TerriBull Mon 19-Jul-21 13:27:43

I have also been shopping today, I went to Barclays Bank, M&S and Sainsburys. I will continue to wear my mask and it would seem I'm not alone, overwhelmingly most people had one on in those places, just one young chap not wearing one in Sainsburys. I would add that my from my observations there was a mix of age demographics who are opting veer on the side of caution.

I think most people will be sensible. There's going to be those chomping at the bit to get their old life back, nightclubbing etc., maybe I'd be the same if I were their age, that feeling of being invincible goes with the territory somewhat, I'm thinking of illegal raves, parties etc. when we were in the midst of the lockdown. Sporting events also draw in huge crowds, my husband told me there were well over a 100,000 at Silverstone for the motor racing, a sport even more boring than the golfing event he was watching on tv, if that's at all possible! I'm still remembering how infections surged after Cheltenham. It seems after all the hoo ha with the football many of the young who attended that event have found they now have the virus. Unfortunately I do feel that we still have to act with a certain amount of caution, and if everybody did, maybe we could all enjoy some freedoms, albeit knowing full well that life cannot go back to what it was for sometime.

GillT57 Mon 19-Jul-21 13:55:09

I think that Johnson's much lauded Freedom Day is a flat balloon, and I am delighted. He was probably expecting country wide adoration. From what I have read, most local businesses around here are taking it steady; pubs and restaurants welcoming guests but politely requesting masks be worn where applicable. I expect there will be 'freedom warriors' making a fuss on social media as they express their right not to wear a mask, but it is the right of publicans and shop keepers to refuse entry, hopefully there will not be a lot of argy bargy.

Juicywords Mon 19-Jul-21 15:51:15

Baroness Sal Britton who is CEV (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable) has tweeted that the latest Government advice for CEV people is to not mix with the unvaccinated, meet outside and to work from home if possible. Doesn’t sound very easy at all and a let down for vulnerable people.

Santana Mon 19-Jul-21 16:27:12

I've been to supermarket and counted 5 people, plus me, not wearing masks.
No one challenged me, and I was grateful for that. I have a mask phobia, but have fought it and worn one as I was told. I think it stems from having teeth out when I was a child and having a black mask held over my face. So for someone to call me selfish would be unfair given how distressing this mask wearing has been for me.
I don't use public transport, or go to theatres etc. Haven't mixed with big groups of people or shopped other than for groceries.
I will also gladly steer clear of most people anyway.
Personally I think masks make very little difference to the spread of the virus, but if you want to wear one, I have no problem with that, just don't judge others.
I'm certainly not up for a moral argument.
As they say in the song ' A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest'

Jaxjacky Mon 19-Jul-21 16:35:48

Well, the PM is speaking at 5, to say goodness knows what.

Juicywords Mon 19-Jul-21 16:42:31

Covid is an airborne virus and aerosols can be inhaled from the air.

Tiny particles can remain suspended airborne for hours.

That is why wearing masks is important: wearing a mask mainly protects others.

PippaZ Mon 19-Jul-21 16:48:36


Well, the PM is speaking at 5, to say goodness knows what.

Free party bags?

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 17:06:24

Pree Barty Fags?