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Lateral flow tests now require QR code.

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Atqui Thu 07-Oct-21 17:27:41

I went to collect some tests from pharmacy today and was told that I needed a QR code to get them. Apparently this was changed on Oct 4th. The assistant told me she thought it was because people weren’t reporting results. I have to confess that I didn’t report when I’ve done a test as I t’s been negative (I had no symptoms just trying to be respectful of other people I was meeting). I could not access the code in the shop as my phone had no signal so had to come home and do it .What a palaver.Do they really want people to do the tests.? If so why make it so difficult? The reason given for reporting was to keep,other people safe and stop spread of the virus- nothing to do with data collection.

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 17:31:53

What is a QR code and how and where do you get one?

growstuff Thu 07-Oct-21 17:48:26

I don't know if this is helpful:

PS. What about the people who don't have smart phones or don't know how to use them?

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 17:50:25

Thanks growstuff I'll look at the link. I don't have a smart 'phone and wouldn't know how to use one so rely on Mr. S.blush.

JaneJudge Thu 07-Oct-21 17:50:46

I ordered some online Tuesday via the NHS and they came yesterday confused

JaneJudge Thu 07-Oct-21 17:52:44

I am useless at technology too Smileless smile they didn't ask for anything online though they most probably scan them before they send them

I order through this link

Grannmarie Thu 07-Oct-21 17:55:18

I get them from my local pharmacy, on request.

Atqui Thu 07-Oct-21 18:00:57

Granmarie have you got some since Monday? Apparently the rules have changed.

Atqui Thu 07-Oct-21 18:08:57

Smileless A QR code is one of those black and white squares. The person serving me in Boots gave me a leaflet which had another QR code to get me to the place online. I’ve just done as Jane suggested and ordered them online .I had to supply the same information I did for the code for collecting at the pharmacy.

Smileless2012 Thu 07-Oct-21 18:25:41

Thanks JaneJudge and Atqui oh dear I do feel silly, now I've read your explanation, I know what they are Atquiblush.

Sara1954 Thu 07-Oct-21 19:38:35

My granddaughter picks them up from school, there seems no limit to the amount they can take.

Teacheranne Thu 07-Oct-21 23:05:17

I seem to have acquired quite a stash of the tests as every time I went to the library to collect a set of books for my book group, they insisted on giving me some boxes of tests as well. I think they were getting rid of them as the library are no longer supplying them.

I was aware that the system to get nes tests was changing though and do have the leaflet with the code on for when I need some more. I take two each week when I visit mum in a care home and also before WI meetings.

Calendargirl Fri 08-Oct-21 07:09:04

I’ve just finished my last one, I do a test once a week. Just ordered some online, usually get them from pharmacy, but after reading this…

I always report my result online.

Seems silly, getting them posted out when they can just be collected though.

Wonder how many thousands of unused tests are just languishing in homes or worse, just chucked unused in the bin.

Esspee Fri 08-Oct-21 07:32:11

I asked for a box at our pharmacy and was given 2, one extra for my OH which I said I didn't want. Apparently the paperwork couldn't be changed so......does anyone in the Glasgow area need some?

LullyDully Fri 08-Oct-21 08:17:13

My grandson is off school with positive tests using the regular LFT. He has however received 2 negative PCR tests so far. Has anyone
else experienced this phenomena? He does a daily LFT.

Galaxy Fri 08-Oct-21 08:21:27

Lft do give false positives sometimes.

NanKate Fri 08-Oct-21 08:23:22

When I did a lateral flow test this week it was negative. I then went online to report the result and they said if you don’t use a QR there is a short list of numbers just below it on the result piece of plastic and you just type in those numbers, worked a treat.

annsixty Fri 08-Oct-21 08:41:50

I have never done a lateral flow test although I know lots of people who do them regularly when meeting up with people, I had no idea you had to report the result of the tests.
My pharmacy sent a box along with my meds which I get delivered every eight weeks.
This was several months ago.

Lollin Fri 08-Oct-21 08:59:09

Surely people just keeping as safe as possible and so taking a test just as an added precaution eg before meeting friends after going into busy indoor situations and getting negative results will just result in making the virus data look better than it is? But then this has been the case for so many government stats, the phrase, lies lies and statistics come to mind

Alegrias1 Fri 08-Oct-21 09:07:06

A QR code is just a representation of a string of letters and numbers. Bit like a barcode. This from the government website:

If you give the pharmacy a 'collect code' when you pick up the tests, it helps the NHS match your details to the tests.

It seems to refer just to England.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can just use the string of letters and numbers that the QR code represents. You can get it by calling 119.

The QR code that you might use when you record the result is a totally different QR code.

Every piece of information you get with the LFT packs tells you to record the result whether it's negative or not. 2 reasons:

The stats that the NHS collects includes the percentage of positive tests against negative tests to allow them to understand the prevalence of the virus.

Also, if nobody bothers to report their negative tests, the NHS doesn't know if you are just stockpiling tests, not bothering to report, or even not reporting positive tests.

So they need to know about negative ones as well. If you order by post, for example, they can trace each individual test back to you. If you pick them up without identification then don't report them, they don't know where those tests have gone.

maddyone Fri 08-Oct-21 09:20:24

I think if you get a positive Lateral Flow you are supposed to go to get a PCR test to me sure.

maddyone Fri 08-Oct-21 09:22:45

I really can’t see the problem with reporting the results, I have to report the result every time I do one before I go to see my mother in her nursing home. How can the virus be tracked if people don’t report the results?

maddyone Fri 08-Oct-21 09:23:48

Good post Alegrias.

love0c Fri 08-Oct-21 09:33:49

I guess I will be on my own on this forum. However, I still remember '3 weeks to flatten the curve'.

JaneJudge Fri 08-Oct-21 09:55:01


I really can’t see the problem with reporting the results, I have to report the result every time I do one before I go to see my mother in her nursing home. How can the virus be tracked if people don’t report the results?

I must admit I haven't logged a few that I did when I have had a cold etc but I have to log to see my daughter, like you do with your Mum. It doesn't even take that long if you have an account logged with the NHS now. The most difficult part is reading the code which presumably is the QR code as it is a mixture of letters and numbers (I log on my laptop btw not phone)