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The Elusive Third Primary Vaccine - not the Booster

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FannyCornforth Fri 05-Nov-21 10:05:52

I know that there is a thread already about the Booster; but I felt that another thread devoted to the ever elusive third primary vaccine may be helpful.

The third primary dose is apparently valuable for those who are severely immune suppressed.

It is in addition to the booster.

My main question is - has anyone actually had it?

I’ve spoken to a variety of HCPs recently, and none of them have even heard of it sad

Thank you ?

FarNorth Wed 10-Nov-21 13:49:35

I'm sure they have been reading this thread and especially your posts Marydoll.

FannyCornforth Wed 10-Nov-21 13:56:55

Damn and blast! sad

Marydoll Wed 10-Nov-21 14:04:45

I hope those on here, who told us, that there was no such thing, are reading too! wink