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Lost taste & smell - what to eat?

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MerylStreep Sun 28-Nov-21 21:53:32

That’s a coincidence, carrot cake is one of the few things I can taste.

Pudding123 Sun 28-Nov-21 21:36:52

I lost my taste and sense of smell March 20 and although my sense of smell is now back my taste has not returned but I can taste salty or sweet ,I can't taste anything that is beige (potato,rice,bread,cauliflower ect) but I can taste smoked salmon,mackerel and surprisingly prawns and green Thai curries and in the sweet side carrot cake but can't taste normal biscuits so my advise would be everyone is different just keep trying and hopefully you will regain your taste ...I spoke to an ENT consultant in June 2020 and he said it could be 2 years or I may never regain it due to the olfactory nerves being destroyed due to covid(I was asymptomatic btw).
It is sheer hell for me as cooking and baking was my hobby but fingers crossed for you.

Maudi Sat 27-Nov-21 08:01:21

Why don't you just have some Complan drinks or something similar until you get your tastebuds back. An opportunity to lose a few pounds obviously only if you have a few pounds to lose.

Calistemon Fri 26-Nov-21 23:19:29

That's a long time, MerylStreep
I hope your taste comes back soon.

And MissingLincs, hope you recover well

MerylStreep Fri 26-Nov-21 22:46:56

Curry now tastes like something completely unrelated to food.
Fresh coriander now tastes like metal.
I have some meals where I taste the first mouthful and then nothing.
I don’t feel sorry for myself but for my OH who does all the cooking ( and is very good) who hasn’t given up trying concoctions that I might taste.

MayBee70 Fri 26-Nov-21 20:20:05

Would eating food with lots of texture help? It must be awful. I think I could cope with not enjoying my food but not the thought of not enjoying a cup of tea! My grandson had anosmia when he had covid but thankfully it didn’t last long. Just make sure what you do eat it very nutritious eg chicken soup if you’re not veggie. Hope you feel better soon.

Ohmother Fri 26-Nov-21 20:18:43

What about a nice spicy curry? We tend to eat them to shift our colds.

MissingLincs Fri 26-Nov-21 20:13:38

Thanks. I'm double jabbed and thankfully it just feels like a cold. My husband is currently negative via a PCR test but will do a LFT each day.
I thought losing my sense of taste and smell would make me lose my appetite but boy I'm hungry!

ShazzaKanazza Fri 26-Nov-21 19:40:16

I can’t give you advice on what to cook as when we had Covid everything was tasteless but for me I mostly ate apple with peanut butter spread on and oranges and satsumas I think it was the memory of how they should taste that made them taste so good. I know it might sound nonsense. There was only myself and DH at home so we just picked on bits and pieces. Really hoping you get through it ok. Try to have lots of fluids.

MissingLincs Fri 26-Nov-21 19:27:08

I tested positive on a lateral flow test on Wednesday and got the confirmation PCR test result through yesterday and I can't taste and smell a thing.
We had chicken Kiev for tea tonight but what was the point? I've got a Morrisons delivery coming tomorrow with a heap of baked beans and tins of tuna as we already have a sack of potatoes as there's no point cooking anything less boring as I can't taste it!
What else should I cook? Any ideas?