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Shelflife Wed 15-Dec-21 09:41:59

My DH and me are extremely careful during this pandemic, both triple vaccinated. Sadly we have seen much less of our GC as my daughter has been very anxious to keep us safe. She has two children aged 3 and 6 , so they are in nursery and school. She has now asked how I feel about doing child care for part of the Christmas holiday. Don't know what to do? Of course I want to help but don't want Covid either. DH and me
are both well although DH is in his 80s and I am early 70s. What would you do ? throw caution to the wind or say no to childcare. We have a very loving and stable relationship with our daughter so if I say no they will not be offended but it will cause them a dilema regarding their employment!

Shelflife Wed 15-Dec-21 09:43:58

Sorry ! I meant ' throw caution to the wind and say yes to childcare'

Luckygirl3 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:02:59

I have been collecting 2 of my GC from their primary school ever since I got the 2nd vaccination.

Luckygirl3 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:04:12

I have now had 3 vaccinations and my feeling is that this is the best I can do, plus masks etc in shops and that if I am sensible about these things I have to carry on otherwise as near normally as I can.

rosie1959 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:07:42

Really difficult for anyone to advise you could ask her to do Lateral flow tests on kids my 4 year old granddaughter has become very apt at doing them
We all have different views I have not stopped seeing all my grandchildren very regularly throughout It wouldn’t have been practical and I was not prepared to stop seeing them for months on end as Covid is going nowhere
We are a little younger early 60s and have not stayed away from normal life so could pick Covid up anywhere

Liz46 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:11:07

We have been very careful as I am CEV but we are hoping to meet up as a family at Christmas, having all tested ourselves.

I think Shelflife that, if I was in your position, I would do the childcare. You will enjoy it and will be able to bond with your GC again.

BigBertha1 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:15:22

I'd do it too - precious years which go by in a flash! Lots of testing , handwashing and fresh air.

Shelflife Wed 15-Dec-21 10:22:26

Thank you for your kind replies. Think my main concern is for my DH who is almost 83 but nevertheless a fit man ! We are both very fortunate heath wise . I will go ahead and have my two lovely GC.

Redhead56 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:27:07

You have been asked not taken for granted which is a blessing in itself. You are taking all the precautions necessary so give it a go it’s sounds only temporary.

nanna8 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:30:15

I think I’d risk it,too especially as it is not permanent, just for part of the holidays.

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 15-Dec-21 10:32:20

As long as you both feel up to it normally....outside of covid, I would do it, as long as they all tested every day. Schools are such breeding grounds. All the people I know who’ve had covid...and it’s not many to be honest...under ten, traced it back to a school.

Enjoy while you can.

Baggs Wed 15-Dec-21 10:33:51

In your position I would do it and I wouldn't feel at risk at all.

Kim19 Wed 15-Dec-21 11:13:25

I'm in your position and would do it without reservation but common sense of course. Long may you have such a lovely relationship with your family. Sounds great ?.

Shelflife Wed 15-Dec-21 13:16:18

We do have good relationships with our AC so are very very thankful for that. we will go ahead and say " yes" .Thank for your help .

EthelJ Wed 15-Dec-21 14:53:00

As others have said it's impossible to advice as there is no wrong or right answer. It boils down to have you feel. We have been looking after our grandchildren but we are in our mid sixties but maybe not as vulnerable.
You could ask them all to do lateral flow tests before looking after them that may give you a little reassurance.

Susan1949 Thu 16-Dec-21 11:18:06

We are booked to fly to Hampshire to see our family on 21dec we. Are in our seventies with underlying health issues should we go or should we cancel your opinion would be appreciated

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 16-Dec-21 11:21:33

Lateral Flow tests for the little people, every day if they are at school or Nursery, I’m sure they are all used to doing them by now.
If they are negative then have fun!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 16-Dec-21 11:22:25

Susan I’d be more concerned about the people I’m next to on the flight TBH. Plus a packed airport.

growstuff Thu 16-Dec-21 11:23:58

Shelflife Your ages are big risk factors and there's nothing you can do about it. The risk rises very steeply after the age of 60 and that's reflected in the statistics for deaths. Personally, I wouldn't risk it - or at least insist that the children do LFTs. If you do risk it, try to get them outside as much as possible and keep windows and doors open.