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Just a bit of a rant

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CraftyGranny Fri 17-Dec-21 13:43:31

I just don't get it? We have had two jabs and a booster against the virus, but we still have to wear masks, abide by lockdown rules etc. etc. People who have been vaccinated are still getting the virus. Obviously the vaccine isn't working as efficiently as predicted, or is it?

All the fear mongering (by the government and especially the media) has made so many paranoid about going out, seeing family and so on. It is nigh impossible to believe anything that we are told or read.

I really think there is more going on behind the scenes, and not just with the virus, than meets the eye, but what, I don't know.

Is it just me or does anybody else have doubts?

Oh sod it, I'm going to decorate the tree!

NotTooOld Fri 17-Dec-21 13:53:05

I have doubts, Crafty. I'm normally a cheerful person but these last few days I have even had doubts as to whether I should carry on living. Boris is playing a political game; he dare not put us in lockdown as there are too many Tories who would object to that, so he wants us terrified into putting ourselves into lockdown. And there you have it, a lockdown not called for by Boris but here nevertheless. And, who knows, that might be the best thing? Total confusion.

Greenfinch Fri 17-Dec-21 13:53:25

Yes people who are fully vaccinated do get the virus . My son in law was in hospital on oxygen for 5 days with covid pneumonia despite being double jabbed.BUT the way I see it what if he hadn't been vaccinated? I don't think he would be here now.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 17-Dec-21 13:55:18

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Being vaccinated means you have a far greater chance of not catching the virus or escaping with a milder illness. It’s not a silver bullet and that’s been made clear from the outset. Producing factual science-led evidence and advice is not fear mongering. I suggest you get on with decorating your tree.

growstuff Fri 17-Dec-21 14:05:00

I agree with you Germanshepherdsmum. It's been absolutely clear that vaccines aren't a magic bullet, which will make everything OK, although (unfortunately) there's been much wishful thinking, not helped by some of the government's messaging.

In my opinion, it was a huge mistake to relax the rules on wearing masks, which are probably most inobtrusive way of reducing transmission. Again, it didn't help when people saw politicians not wearing them in the HoC and then making pathetic excuses (eg Rees-Mogg) for not wearing them.

I think vaccine "passports" are almost certainly not going to be effective, but the government seems in thrall to IT solutions, which undoubtedly will make somebody a big profit.

Zoejory Fri 17-Dec-21 14:09:03

All the fear mongering (by the government and especially the media) has made so many paranoid about going out, seeing family and so on. It is nigh impossible to believe anything that we are told or read.

This is happening all over the world. It's not just the UK so any doubts you may have shouldn't just be down to how we're managing/not managing.

hazel93 Fri 17-Dec-21 14:17:51

I am not a conspiracy theorist either. Totally agree with Germanshepherdsmum.
If you or yours have not been effected by this terrible virus then lucky you.
I well recall the backlash re. the MMR vaccine when some US Doctor purported it lead to autism since totally refuted of course. We know of two children left deaf due to measles having not been vaccinated. Was that scare mongering ?

Grandmabatty Fri 17-Dec-21 14:28:41

Of course you can still get a virus if you have been vaccinated. I get the flu vaccine every year. It won't stop me getting flu but it should stop me getting really ill. I've had flu once, years ago, and wouldn't want that again. The vaccine against Corona is the same. I hope that being vaccinated and wearing a mask will mean I don't get it or it'll be mild. Why on earth do you think there's something going on?

MissAdventure Fri 17-Dec-21 17:42:59

I think I'll have a rant about cancer.
My girl died of it while others have lived.
Perhaps the government were trying to kill her off.

Elizabeth27 Fri 17-Dec-21 17:47:19

It is not just about people dying or becoming very ill, the more people that have the virus means the more that are off work for 10 days with it even though you may not feel unwell.

Hospitals and care homes cannot cope with a limited number of staff.

lavenderzen Fri 17-Dec-21 17:51:14

I know exactly where you are coming from Crafty.
I have had my three jabs and wore a mask if I ever go out,
which is very rare.
I think we have had so many mixed messages from the government it is going to make you wonder all sorts of things.

eazybee Fri 17-Dec-21 17:56:35

It is about all governments everywhere trying their very hardest to save people from a life-threatening disease.

The people to blame are those who refuse the vaccine, apparently equivalent to one third of the population of London, because:
'I can't be bothered,
I am frightened of needles,
I will wait until everyone else has had it to see if it is safe,
I am a conspiracy theorist'.

All genuine excuses heard with my own ears.

Sago Fri 17-Dec-21 18:01:06

Sadly there are so many contradictions it gives the conspiracy theories more weight.

The vaccine is helping but people are being more blasé because they are vaccinated.
There are thousands of asymptomatic people wandering around passing on the virus.

If I have my booster I will only have it after a negative test, it shouldn’t be given if you are positive even if you are asymptomatic.

MayBeMaw Fri 17-Dec-21 18:04:21

If have my booster I will only have it after a negative test, it shouldn’t be given if you are positive even if you are asymptomatic^
“If” ?
Even my daughters (in their 40’s) have had their boosters.

MayBeMaw Fri 17-Dec-21 18:05:40

flowersflowers MissAdventure - sincere sympathy.

MissAdventure Fri 17-Dec-21 18:08:13

Thank you.
I just wanted to illustrate that these things are all a bit random, aren't they?
There is no point expecting every person and every response to be the same.

It just is what it is, and ranting makes no difference to outcomes.

Hetty58 Fri 17-Dec-21 18:11:58

Sago, please get that booster asap. We're all really so sick of it, but the vaccinations, masks, social distancing - and avoiding meeting indoors - are the best tools we have to protect ourselves and others.

One day the pandemic will finally be over. I'm looking forward to (and planning) the biggest party ever when it is!

Barmeyoldbat Fri 17-Dec-21 18:26:17

I just think we should do everything, masks, passports and vaccinated to stop ourselves from getting a bad dose of covid, We somehow have to stop the NHS from becoming overwhelmed and giving the people who are suffering from other conditions a better life. Just why wouldn’t you try these things

Lucca Fri 17-Dec-21 18:36:36

GSM and Growstuff I agree .
All this nonsense about there being some hidden agenda , about scare monger I guess…..the fact is a pandemic IS scary.

Can you even imagine where we would be without the vaccine ?? Seriously craftygranny , think about it

Lucca Fri 17-Dec-21 18:37:12

Scare monger I guess = scaremongering

maddyone Fri 17-Dec-21 18:38:49

MissAdventure I’m so sorry about your daughter flowers

GillT57 Fri 17-Dec-21 18:50:04

I can empathise with the OP. Yes I have had all 3 vaccines, wear a mask, keep my distance and avoid risk, but sometimes I do get really, really tired of it all. This does not mean I don't have sympathy for anyone suffering from covid19 or loss of loved ones, I just don't see what else we can do to keep ourselves safe and sometimes despair of it ever ending.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 17-Dec-21 18:53:31

So sorry MissA.
sago, not for the first time your attitude makes me despair. You put everyone you may come into contact with at risk and you may end up increasing the burden on the NHS. I remember your recent post about having no regrets over breaking the rules last Christmas when the vast majority of us spent Christmas alone or just with spouses. Have you no shame?

Sago Fri 17-Dec-21 19:32:14

GSM Why do you despair?
I am double jabbed, I wear a mask, sanitise and wash my hands.

My worry is my once fit and healthy SIL with a blood clot on each lung, the consultant confirmed it was a result of the vaccine.

Maggiemaybe Fri 17-Dec-21 19:40:08

You make a good point, Sago, about not having the booster if you might have Covid. DH and I had to wait 28 days after testing positive before we had our boosters.

To get back to the OP, the vaccine worked very well indeed for us as our symptoms were extremely mild.

I can understand, though, why those who have experience of the very rare vaccine side-effects may be hesitant. I hope your SIL makes a good recovery, Sago.