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Would you go to the panto?

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Luckygirl3 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:10:02

My DD has invited me to go to the panto with her and her two little ones. It would be a joy and I would love it. But I am not sure whether it would be right to go.

We are meeting for lunch at the theatre beforehand - I am not worried about that - the restaurant area is on a mezzanine of a massive two story space with a very high ceiling and everyone is fully distanced.

However, the actual panto is in a medium-sized theatre space and will be heaving with unmasked, unvaccinated and un-socially-distanced children yelling their heads off. We have to prove our vaccine status on going in and as adults wear masks.

What would you do? I would be sad to miss it, but even sadder if I got covid.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:12:29

Honestly, after listening to a Sage bod this morning, I don’t think anyone should go.

But I definitely wouldn’t,

He was saying that omicron is travelling incredibly quickly and no longer the mild variant they first hoped.

FarNorth Sat 18-Dec-21 13:15:36

No, I wouldn't.

crazyH Sat 18-Dec-21 13:17:14

Oh please, just go …..
As I’ve mentioned before, I have not let Covid get in the way of having a nice Xmas season with my grandchildren.
I’m sure the theatre will ask for Covid passes - so don’t worry - enjoy with your family x

Oldbat1 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:17:27

Love a panto but I won’t be going anywhere socially or going to anyone’s house etc.

MaizieD Sat 18-Dec-21 13:17:48

I wouldn't go anywhere near an indoor crowded venue with omicrom at large. It has an R of above 2 and is spreading like wildfire. because it infects people so easily. Reports (admittedly anecdotal) seem to be saying that omicrom is not necessarily a milder version than delta.

Vaccine status is no proof that people are not carrying the virus. And very few children are vaccinated yet they can have and spread the virus.

Disappointing, and horrific for the theatres already reeling from nearly 2 years of covid, but I just wouldn't chance it.

Kim19 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:18:13

I would go. Too lovely an opportunity to miss. I would wear a mask initially and reassess that situation once I was comfortably inside.

Hetty58 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:20:55

I wouldn't go - as I just wouldn't enjoy sitting there wondering if I'd caught Covid!

TillyTrotter Sat 18-Dec-21 13:22:27

I don’t have any little people to take but we used to go every year with our children.
I have been to the Cinema last week, which is similar. Never stopped wearing a mask all during a film or a show all through this year as I take medication for asthma and I think masks help protect me from all sorts of viruses.

Patsy70 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:24:34

We’re booked to go on New Year’s Day - the two of us with OH’s DD, her husband and our 2 GSs. Hoping it will not be cancelled. ?

eazybee Sat 18-Dec-21 13:25:14

Oh, yes I would!!!

EllanVannin Sat 18-Dec-21 13:25:58

No enjoyment in going anywhere right now so I'd be giving everything a miss to remain on the safe side.
There'll be other times. It's not as though we've only got a minute to live.

TillyTrotter Sat 18-Dec-21 13:28:23

eazybee ????

Esspee Sat 18-Dec-21 13:29:26

We have an adult panto here in Glasgow at Oran Mor. Over the last 10 years or so one of our Christmas Gifts to friends and family was to join us. We didn't do it last year or this and frankly now that I know more about how viruses are transmitted I doubt we will do it again. The venue is in a basement and long before covid I was uncomfortable about the ventilation.
Sad as it was a highlight of the season.

Esspee Sat 18-Dec-21 13:31:05

So....*oh no I wouldn't!*

Juggernaut Sat 18-Dec-21 13:32:12

I've just rung the theatre and cancelled our visit, due for next Wednesday afternoon!
Although I'm double jabbed and had my booster a few weeks ago, I'm on the 'at risk' list, so wasn't keen on going.
As chance would have it, DGS (aged 5) was sent home from school two days ago, he's got Chickenpox! The poor little mite's absolutely coated head to toe in spots!
That made the decision for me, I suppose we could go, and not worry about giving anyone else 'the pox', but having had Shingles 40 odd years ago as a young woman, I'm not prepared to risk anyone older being 'contaminated' by DGS!
Fortunately I have an account with the theatre, so the £160 cost of the tickets has been credited to my account.
The way Covid's going, I may be paying for next year's Panto with the credits!

AreWeThereYet Sat 18-Dec-21 13:34:04

I think I would give the panto a miss, simply because it will be full of children yelling and shouting, and possibly filling the air around them with Covid. I would just go and have lunch with them - the lunch venue sounds nice and airy. But everything depends on how vulnerable you are to begin with. If you are fit and healthy it may be a risk you want to take.

Luckygirl3 Sat 18-Dec-21 13:48:03

I am not especially vulnerable - but am 73.

I also do not want to find myself self-isolating on Christmas Day.

trisher Sat 18-Dec-21 13:50:59

I'd go. In fact I'm booked to go to one in Jan. I started doing some school pick ups and drop offs for the GCs this year. Since I started GD and DS have had covid but me and GS were clear. Close friend had it but I didn't. I know quite a few people whose partners didn't get it when they had it. I wear a mask in shops/cafes etc, so I will wear one for the panto. I still sterilise my hands regularly. Just go and enjoy.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 18-Dec-21 14:43:46

Wild horses wouldn’t drag me. Far too risky especially with all the unvaccinated children there. As Chris Whitty said, prioritise. You want to be able to spend Christmas with your family.

BlueBelle Sat 18-Dec-21 15:08:24

Yes I d go, I m triple jabbed and work with the public every day I went to theatre show recently with my 85 year old friend and it was very safe everyone used masks and sat in small groups and it was a lovely evening
Obviously if you are ‘at risk’ it ll be different

Luckygirl3 Sat 18-Dec-21 15:19:43

The problem with the panto is that it is heaving with unvaccinated children BlueBelle, so the sort of protection that you had at the theatre will not be there.

Sparklefizz Sat 18-Dec-21 15:22:04

A panto is different to going to the theatre, though, because there'll be young unjabbed children there and it's much less safe in my opinion.

I wouldn't go.

Is it true that a critical incident has just been declared in London with hospitals overwhelmed? I just caught the tail end of this on the radio.

Sparklefizz Sat 18-Dec-21 15:22:26

Snap Luckygirl3

TerriBull Sat 18-Dec-21 15:42:01

I would love to take my grandchildren to the panto, we are fairly new to our local town which has a very nice theatre where not a lot has been happening for the past two years, so when the Christmas panto was launched a little while ago, I nearly bought tickets. As things stand now I am glad I didn't. I miss my cinema times with them too, we have a lovely new Everyman where we live, they would like to see the new Spiderman, I wouldn't, but I'd like to take them. Aged 11 and 7 they understand why we can't do these activities at the moment. They are with us this week end through till Monday, so making the most of what we can do, have just come back from a long swimming session at our health/golf club, it was quiet there and they enjoyed that, Tomorrow we will get outside to a park somewhere, but we'd do so much more if we could