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Why was this variant labelled Omicron?

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Esspee Tue 21-Dec-21 10:01:10

I assumed, just as Delta was the fourth variant that Omicron was the 15th which makes the next one to come along Pi.
Have I got this wrong?

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 10:09:13

I heard the explanation a while ago; but don’t remember the details.
They missed out various letters because they sound like other things in other languages, including the Chinese president (I think).
Basically, it’s just for global clarity,

Esspee Tue 21-Dec-21 10:50:05

Thanks Fanny, that explains why we have never heard anything about the ten missing letters. Makes you wonder why they started using the alphabet if they were not going to same the variant sequentially.

Esspee Tue 21-Dec-21 10:52:38

Name not same
Variants plural
Sorry didn’t read before posting.

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 11:22:31

They missed out nu because of it’s obvious similarity to new
And xi because it’s a common Chinese surname.
That doesn’t account for the other missing letters though…

silverlining48 Tue 21-Dec-21 12:11:17

Wasn’t one a rather rude word ... bum or something grin

Sarnia Tue 21-Dec-21 12:16:30

Whatever it's called, it's a flaming nuisance!

AreWeThereYet Tue 21-Dec-21 12:24:14

The ones we hear about are the variants of concern ie Omicron, Delta. There were other variants too, such Lambda and Mu which are variants of interest only. I guess they are on the watch list but never took off.

Caleo Tue 21-Dec-21 12:42:20

Otherwise , Omicron would be a pretty name for a girl

EllanVannin Tue 21-Dec-21 13:22:55

Anagram for Moronic !

EllanVannin Tue 21-Dec-21 13:24:00

Covid is Certificate of VaccinationID.

EllanVannin Tue 21-Dec-21 13:25:01

I'm not a cynic---honestly grin

FannyCornforth Tue 21-Dec-21 15:56:26


Wasn’t one a rather rude word ... bum or something grin

You silly sausage! grin