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Todays briefing 4/1

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Daisymae Tue 04-Jan-22 18:25:28

Is anybody still watching? I caught it as it was mentioned by chance elsewhere. I do feel that the press are getting bored with it now. If my understanding is correct, then the stats indicate that the next few weeks are going to be marked by sickness absence, increased hospitalisation, drafting in of additional staff to help out and the military too, but no further measures are necessary as we are all doing so splendidly. 15000 people a day are being admitted to hospital. I'm thinking that increased social distancing and table service in pubs would be a good idea but guess that's a bit radical. We muddle on.

Kim19 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:35:39

I've lost interest in the statistics. I simply pay attention to family situation and those round about me.

rosie1959 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:40:54

I think you may have you figures a little wrong we are not admitting 15000 people a day into hospital
Measures they take actually have to make a big difference I don't think table service in pubs will do this
Expect we will see how much difference this makes they have it in Scotland and Wales I believe

maddyone Tue 04-Jan-22 18:41:39

I agree that table service and social distancing in pubs would be a good idea.

Daisymae Tue 04-Jan-22 18:41:58

rosie, I do believe that's the term that Patrick Valance used today.

rosie1959 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:44:06


rosie, I do believe that's the term that Patrick Valance used today.

Was listening with one ear as I was cooking The total people in hospital at this point is just under 15000
The uk covid database states around 1900 per day

Alegrias1 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:45:03

There aren't 15,000 people a day being admitted to hospital. That's about 10 times the actual number which is about 1,500 a day in England. A typo, maybe?

Alegrias1 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:45:35

Oops, lots of cross posts, sorry!

nanaK54 Tue 04-Jan-22 18:46:15

1,924 patients admitted today this from Gov. dashboard

Jillyjosie Tue 04-Jan-22 21:31:13

The Guardian publishes the figures every day and if you are taking part in the Zoe app research, you can see the daily data.

It's 14, 000 in hospital, a jump of 6,000 since last week, 48 deaths today and nearly 220,000 daily infections. Boris has said tonight that parts of the NHS are and will be overwhelmed. If you have symptoms of a heart attack, you're told to take a taxi to hospital, don't phone for an ambulance. I think Boris feels his hands are tied now by the Tory right wingers and the country seems to be falling into apathy.

I'm shocked, it seems so selfish. I heard it said last week that infections were rising sharply in the 55+ group but I haven't checked that.

Deedaa Tue 04-Jan-22 21:40:21

DD's doctor friend has been working with Covid patients at a well known hospital for the last 18 months. She has now been asked to work three days a week with no pay because they have run out of money!

Kim19 Wed 05-Jan-22 03:58:02

How ridiculous. I hope your doctor friend declined the insult suitably.

Daisymae Wed 05-Jan-22 07:46:53

Nana - as you say just under 2000 patients admitted yesterday. The infection rates are horrifyingly. The other unknown is how many people will be affected in the longer term. The low death rate is of course a positive. However I imagine that it's small comfort for the families concerned.

MayBee70 Wed 05-Jan-22 12:07:29

My younger grandson has just tested positive. Totally asymptomatic and my daughter couldn’t get hold of any test kits but I had some here.