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Feeling ill before testing positive

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MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:09:43

Has anyone experienced this?
I have heard of quite a lot of people who have felt rotten but had negative results before eventually showing a positive result.

Riverwalk Thu 27-Jan-22 10:47:22


Beverley It really makes me cross, that the NHS hasn’t updated its 3 symptoms, continuous cough, fever & loss of taste/smell.
The Zoe study showed over a year ago that other symptoms are common.

Last Saturday (15th) I thought I might have a cold, LFT negative.
Next day, cold symptoms worse. LFT again negative, but as a result of logging this on the Zoe app, I got a PCR, which was positive. I had none of the 3 NHS symptoms.
I then had the worst cold of my life & stayed in bed for a week.
Now, on Day 11, I have zero energy & am just relieved I don’t have to go to work or look after small children.

And yes, I’ve had 3 vaccines.

Hope you feel better soon jane.

Out of interest, do you have any idea how you picked up the virus?

janipans Thu 27-Jan-22 10:52:40

... I'd better test again then! Think it's just a cold ... but still ...

SillyNanny321 Thu 27-Jan-22 10:57:11

My SiL tested positive after her regular PCR as she is a Care Worker. Felt like she had a typical cold, runny nose & bit of a cough for couple of days after test. My DB felt a bit like he had a cold for a few days. Now he has tested positive after 2 negative tests & has hacking cough, runny nose & feels really bad. So this version of the virus is much different to when my DiL, DGS & DGD had the previous version! All were feeling bad & tested positive after LFT & then PCR but my DS tested negative with both. So tests work but not for everyone it seems.

janeainsworth Thu 27-Jan-22 11:15:07

Hi Riverwalk
Thank you - I’m pretty sure I got it from DGD aged 2. Her nursery was closed week beginning Jan 10 as the two managers both had Covid.
We went to see DD and DGD on the Wednesday and the Friday, DGD full of beans & fighting fit.
But on the Sunday DD, SiL and DGD all tested positive & I tested positive the next day. DD & SiL both had symptoms but DGD had none.
Fortunately MrA has been fine.

clbm48 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:19:56

It's not a tiny swab, it's on a long stick. It's virtually impossible to swallow it!

Riverwalk Thu 27-Jan-22 11:28:51

I'm assuming MrA has been on serving drinks/meals duty!

It's interesting who does and doesn't succumb within a household.

My sister's adult son lives with her, he caught it and she didn't.

My hairdresser, her husband & small baby caught it, but their two school-aged children didn't - she regularly tested the children but they remained negative.

Frogs Thu 27-Jan-22 11:30:05


It's not a tiny swab, it's on a long stick. It's virtually impossible to swallow it!

Some of the newer packs come with a short stick. The instructions are different as they say you only need to put them up your nose not into your throat. Having said that I read an article which said that you should still swab your throat to get an accurate result.

Purplepixie Thu 27-Jan-22 11:35:04

My youngest son said he felt terrible before christmas. He tested negative so he kept going to work. He then tested positive for the next 7 days until a negative test. Really strange. Also he has had it before and he is jabbed up!

Paperbackwriter Thu 27-Jan-22 12:06:12


I understand it is better to try to swab the throat as well as nostrils for a more accurate LFT reading, although you do run the risk of swallowing the tiny swab if you do ?

Maybe gaffer tape the little swab to a toothbrush handle?

Farmor15 Thu 27-Jan-22 12:15:59

I really don't think it's necessary to try to swab throat as well as nose, especially since Omicron strain mainly affects nose. Better to follow instructions on pack, especially about leaving swab in extraction liquid for specified time and pressing against side of plastic tube to get stuff from swab into liquid.

twinnytwin Thu 27-Jan-22 12:29:05

I started to feel a bit poorly last Thursday pm - head cold starting - tested negative. Still felt slightly poorly on Friday but as we were meeting pals at the pub, tested again - negative. Out with sister on Saturday for meal, still feeling a bit groggy, tested negative. Sunday evening tested again, positive. All three friends from pub are now positive. Sister still negative. I'm still positive as is DH. I've heard of so many folk positive at the moment although numbers are dropping. Thank goodness the symptoms are fairly mild, for us at least.

TillyTrotter Thu 27-Jan-22 12:34:07

I am sending for LFT kits from the Government, and one delivery is the newer “nose only” type,
then the next one is the older “throat and nose” type.
I’ll do them whatever as trying to keep this blooming virus contained.

Magrithea Thu 27-Jan-22 13:11:35

My DD felt ill the beginning of the week before Christmas - sore throat one day, aching that ibuprofen didn't entirely get rid of the next and then feeling a bit better after that. She did a LFT on Christmas Eve as the family were coming to us the next day and got a positive so went for a PCR which, eventually, came back positive too. By the time she got the positives she felt OK

LizH13 Thu 27-Jan-22 14:14:14

I’ve been feeling dreadful since before New Year. Started just feeling ill but then the cough. I’ve had all the symptoms of COVID yet every LFT and 2 PCRs have been negative. A weeks strong antibiotics have helped but I’m still not right. We haven’t been in contact with anyone we know who has had it, and all contacts have been negative. Just need some energy now and a coughing free night’s sleep.

Farzanah Thu 27-Jan-22 14:51:17

Farmor15 Omicrom strain mainly affects the nose.
This is not scientifically true, but I do admit the newer LFTs are meant only for use as nasal swabs. However anecdotally I have heard that many people using them have found that when just using the nasal swab they have tested neg but on using swab for nose plus throat they have then tested positive. The new testing kits have very short swab sticks so throat swabbing can be tricky/dangerous admittedly, and it is not officially advised.

MaggsMcG Thu 27-Jan-22 14:59:28


Most of the latest LFT tests are now the longer swab. I got one from the Gov website and 2 from my pharmacy, this week. My granddaughter has to one every day for college.

Farzanah Thu 27-Jan-22 15:13:51

That’s interesting Maggs my last from Gov website were short stick fiddly little things.

JaneJudge Thu 27-Jan-22 15:51:33

I was ill over Christmas with a very bad cold, negative LFTs but my husband and son had covid after Christmas, tested positive and I do wonder if I had it afterall as I didn't catch it off them. I even started a thread as I had lingering after symptoms tlike dry mouth and really aching pelvis and legs

JdotJ Thu 27-Jan-22 16:00:09

I have a few friends who, even after all this time of testing etc, did not know a LFT should only be used if you have NO symptoms and the opp for a PCR. I'm sure a lot of people don't realise

songstress60 Thu 27-Jan-22 16:00:20

I NEVER test. I have been vaccinated so I consider I have done my bit for society, and it's time for everyone to get back to normal.

Nvella Thu 27-Jan-22 16:57:48

I had that cough before Christmas. It was a nightmare - went on and on. I finally rang the Gp to say I could not go on and I think to get rid of me he said it might be a secondary infection to the original virus and prescribed antibiotics which worked.

nipsmum Thu 27-Jan-22 19:31:29

Unfortunately I've just heard my 86 year old sister, who is in a nursing home, tested positive at the weekend. I know she has had all her vaccinations but I'm still worried about her.

Fishic Thu 27-Jan-22 19:34:09

My healthy 21 year old athlete nephew had an 103 fever and trouble breathing. Took a rapid test that showed negative. Luckily, my sister rushed him to the hospital. Three hours later, confirmed full blown Omicron. Doctors there said they are hearing rapid tests are showing positives several days after onset of symptoms. Several of my friends had it a few weeks ago and they said the same thing - at home test showed negatives even when they had symptoms or PCR test confirmed a positive.

My dad had covid, my mother became very sick afterwards and it took 4 days to finally get a positive reading...

MissAdventure Thu 27-Jan-22 19:46:23

My grandson was a bit off colour over the weekend.
I wasn't sure if it was just teen blues, or not having done his homework.
He felt poorly on Monday; negative test, so went fo school.
Felt poorly on Tuesday; positive test.
Every day since has been a stronger positive, even though he now feels better.

JaneJudge Thu 27-Jan-22 19:49:47

that is what happened with my youngest MissA who I think is the same age . The first test was negative but he said he felt hot and a had a bit of a cough so i kept him off and sent for a pcr as I had to go to work and these test centres are only open in core work times (v short ones too) but pcr was positive, husband was sneezing a couple of days after and his pcr was positive