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Feeling ill before testing positive

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MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:09:43

Has anyone experienced this?
I have heard of quite a lot of people who have felt rotten but had negative results before eventually showing a positive result.

JaneJudge Thu 27-Jan-22 19:50:42

sorry i meant my husbands lft was positive not pcr

MissAdventure Thu 27-Jan-22 19:53:45

Perhaps the info should be updated to state that testing needs to continue for a few days, even if the first is negative?
My boy has mixed with so many people, and been to school.

win Thu 27-Jan-22 22:25:15

Why would you not do the throat Farzanah? I thought everyone did the throat and the nose, some even do around the gums top and bottom before the throat.

win Thu 27-Jan-22 22:30:27

I have just read all the comments and see there are different kits, all my kits have been for both Throat & nose, no wonder everyone is confused. Keeps changing

Mummer Thu 27-Jan-22 23:00:57

Mum was a matron (carry on matron!) And said that were MOST infectious BEFORE. Any symptoms emerge! That's why viruses are so dangerous. I.e. feeling rough no spots/rash/positive. As soon as these appear were already fully infused and shedding virus

Allsorts Mon 18-Apr-22 07:53:02

Terrible headache and fizziness three days before a positive.

Aveline Mon 18-Apr-22 08:05:08

Very, very mild cold. Amazed to be found positive for Covid.

BlueBelle Mon 18-Apr-22 08:08:16

Since my first post my daughter and I have had CoviD I tested positive the first day I coughed she didn’t test positive until the fourth or fifth day of coughing and feeling unwell

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 18-Apr-22 08:23:29

Same here, felt I’ll, so stayed at home, even though had a negative result, then the next day tested positive.

When I read that people feel unwell , test negative but go out anyway and meet family it seems so stupid and it’s the reason that the virus is still spreading.

Yes, we should all get a PCR test straight away, but when you are feeling grotty and have to drive 20 miles to get there, it’s easier just to stay at home.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 18-Apr-22 08:24:00

Felt ill , ipad doesn’t like that word.

Marydoll Mon 18-Apr-22 08:30:38

Despite feeling under the weather, my husband tested negative for four days and on the fifth had an obviously positive result.

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Apr-22 08:55:06

Bit of a sniffy nose and cough one day, horrendous headache and fever overnight, testing -ve in the morning +ve later the same day.

Mollygo Mon 18-Apr-22 09:09:37

Me, positive Tuesday, positive Thursday, positive Sunday, still positive Tuesday, negative Thursday. DH, negative on my 1st Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, positive on my 2nd Tuesday, positive Thursday, negative Saturday.
No symptoms but we still had to isolate. I’m hoping there won’t be any after effects.