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What ARE the definitive new covid rules as of 1st April?

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GagaJo Fri 01-Apr-22 23:53:57

There doesn't seem to be any required isolation period now.

DD's employer wants her to stay off work for 10 days, or 7 days, with the last 2 days with negative tests. But she isn't getting sick pay, and they won't let her work from home. Can an employer require isolation without the option of home working?

DGS has to have 2 negative tests before he can go back to school, but there aren't any free tests anymore. Plus, he's under 5 and LFT's aren't recommended for under 5's.

What are the requirements now. Does anyone know? I'm totally confused.

Calendargirl Sat 02-Apr-22 07:15:50

I haven’t looked, but I assume the latest guidelines are on

argymargy Sat 02-Apr-22 07:47:09


I haven’t looked, but I assume the latest guidelines are on

Don’t be daft @Calendargirl - asking randoms on the internet is much more fun! Like my local Facebook group, where people ask what time other people think Sainsburys might open…

Baggs Sat 02-Apr-22 07:48:35

argymargy, ??

Jaxjacky Sat 02-Apr-22 07:49:53

DD’s school told yesterday, if you have a temperature 3 days off, with a cough 5 days, random.

rosie1959 Sat 02-Apr-22 07:50:54

From what I have read a company can have its own regulations regarding isolation periods as it has a duty of care towards other employees. Their normal sickness rules would then come into play
We have our own company and would ask employees to isolate until they have two negative tests but ours can work from home and we would continue to pay them as normal

Whitewavemark2 Sat 02-Apr-22 07:53:05

Everyone for themselves.

Dickens Sat 02-Apr-22 07:55:24



I haven’t looked, but I assume the latest guidelines are on

Don’t be daft @Calendargirl - asking randoms on the internet is much more fun! Like my local Facebook group, where people ask what time other people think Sainsburys might open…

... that's a bit of a snippy response.

The site offers 'guidelines'. GagaJo is also asking a specific question about forced isolation and no pay - I doubt that's covered on the website.

She might be hoping someone else has had a similar experience, or knows more about such a situation.

GagaJo Sat 02-Apr-22 07:56:29

I DID look on but it isn't clear. And some of the pages aren't updated.

DGS's school said new rules would come in April 1st but hasn't informed parents of how those changes have changed their policies. Not that I blame them really. With the lack of Gov updating.

rosie1959 Sat 02-Apr-22 07:57:48

Better to look at the Acas website not

Kim19 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:00:53

I think interpretations and experiences on here are often more helpful and clearer than any government or random Google site.

Baggs Sat 02-Apr-22 08:02:03

It isn't clear because the rules are guidance is a mess of overcomplicatedness. This is partly because with the pandemic, for the first time, the onus has been on individuals to prove they are not infectious even when they have no symptoms. I hope things are now going back to the normality of keeping away from other people if you have symptoms that might make other people ill.

Baggs Sat 02-Apr-22 08:03:24

In short, perhaps there aren't any definitive requirements.

Baggs Sat 02-Apr-22 08:06:36

We had Covid Bulletin 75 ( seventy-five! ) issued at work last week. Having established that the complicated gobbledegook only applied to The Unvaccinated, to which group I do not belong, I stopped reading.

Dickens Sat 02-Apr-22 08:17:12

From the limited information available, it looks like things are stacked against the person who is required to isolate by the employer.

You can ask your employer to allow you to take the sick period as holiday leave, and if he / she refuses, you can ask for unpaid leave - clearly if the employer demands you isolate and will not cover this with sick pay, then what the hell else is it other than unpaid leave!

You can also, under certain circumstances, be dismissed if you are off work with COVID! But it has to be a 'reasonable' cause for such dismissal...

... seems fair doesn't it confused

rosie1959 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:35:11

If you test positive for covid you are 'sick' so normal company sickness rules should prevail including SSP if you happen to work for an employer who is too tight to pay sickness

Luckygirl3 Sat 02-Apr-22 08:43:56

I think we are now in a situation where you choose what you do.

That'll work well .......

ElaineI Sat 02-Apr-22 08:46:26

I don't know. We can still get tests in Scotland and have to wear masks in public spaces and transport. Schools are still suffering badly with teachers off and pupils. Classrooms being covid bombed if there is a case in the class and some schools doing a week in for half the class then a week off as the other half have their week in. Work I don't know. Teachers have to be off if positive and back after 2 negative tests. Nurses the same. Don't know about other employers. Both these occupations give sick pay and doesn't count in your sick time.

Sarnia Sat 02-Apr-22 09:47:19

Hugh Pym said on the news last night that tests will be available at pharmacies for £2 each but if anyone feels ill they should stay at home for 5 days. Sounds to me that you can do as you please, really.

nandad Sat 02-Apr-22 10:07:55

Reckon most people won’t pay for tests, no test, no positive result. Keep going into work.
Friend works for a major retailer, if you have 2 days off sick you have a back to work interview with your manager. 4 days off you get a ‘chat’ with HR. 2 separate lots of sick leave irrespective of the amount of time and you get a written warning. Fortunately he tested positive over a weekend that he had off and went back in on Wednesday after testing negative.
Son had to test negative for 2 days before he was able to return to the office but was expected to wfh if he was able.
I think employers can call the shots on this one.

maddyone Sat 02-Apr-22 11:53:35

When I was teaching there was government advice about how much time children should have off school for various illnesses. The advice for sickness and diarrhoea for example was to take 24 hours off after the last sickness/diarrhoea event, but was then changed to take off 48 hours after the last event. There was advice for various illnesses. It sounds like schools haven’t been given advice about Covid recovery.

BlueBalou Sat 02-Apr-22 11:59:46

It’s as clear as mud isn’t it ??
Thankfully, being retired, should I get Covid then I will stay indoors until I feel better. For those at work, and reading this thread, I honestly don’t know what you do!
Bonkers ?

Jaxjacky Sat 02-Apr-22 12:18:41

maddyone the school my daughter works in has, I posted earlier.

maddyone Sat 02-Apr-22 17:37:26

Well that’s good news anyway, thanks Jax.

SueDonim Sat 02-Apr-22 17:48:36

I’ve no idea what’s going on. My local health board (in Scotland) put out a PSA last week that from Monday we should phone the GP surgery if we have Covid symptoms. What could possibly go wrong??? ?