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spring booster vaccine

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lemsip Mon 04-Apr-22 13:34:58

have you had yours yet? I'm having my Spring booster tomorrow. I had NHS email to book it online myself.....

tanith Mon 04-Apr-22 13:37:21

I would but I’m not expecting an invite as I’m nor vulnerable or over 80, I’m not even sure who qualifies?

BlueBelle Mon 04-Apr-22 13:39:43

I m under 80 not vulnerable and just had CoviD so I won’t be called anytime soon I don’t think so will it be worth it I m not sure with summer coming and it will obviously be worn off by autumn ? I m a bit insure

pensionpat Mon 04-Apr-22 13:41:07

The Spring booster is for people aged 75+ and vulnerable people.

lemsip Mon 04-Apr-22 13:43:51

I was surprised to get my 'invite' as I'm not in the vulnerable or or over 80 bracket either......

MerylStreep Mon 04-Apr-22 13:50:31

I’m 75. The only medication I have is by monthly b12 injections.
I had mine last week.

BlueBelle Mon 04-Apr-22 13:51:17

Well I m over 75 but haven’t had an invite yet

libra10 Mon 04-Apr-22 13:51:47

Both my husband and I received our vaccinations at our local health centre yesterday.

We were invited on the app and made appointments. All very organised and efficient.

MissAdventure Mon 04-Apr-22 13:56:15

I've no idea if I should have had an invite.

I suspect I should have done, but I can't see that happening.

Kate1949 Wed 06-Apr-22 09:41:21

My husband is 76. He had his two weeks ago. He didn't wait for an invite. There are walk in centres. He went to a local pharmacy with no appointment. He was the only one there. No queue.

ixion Wed 06-Apr-22 09:46:49

Mr. I had his booster yesterday.
He was told to expect another 'in the Autumn' (on Methotrexate).

eazybee Wed 06-Apr-22 09:50:38

I have just booked mine, via NHS Get Boosted Now website. I learned about it via word of mouth as my surgery appears to be hibernating, very dilatory about informing patients about anything other than the fact that the surgery is locked.

yogitree Thu 07-Apr-22 10:31:17

We had ours (in Scotland) in February as we were 12 weeks from the last one and vulnerable. We were given a number by our health centre to check our status to see if we qualified (which we were) and just went to the walk-in appointment for it.

henetha Thu 07-Apr-22 10:33:47

I had mine a week ago in a pop-up tent in the car park of a local shop. No appointment was needed, but you had to qualify.

Pammie1 Thu 07-Apr-22 10:36:52

I was classed as CEV during the pandemic and have been invited for my spring booster - so has my 91 year old mum. Both going to our local GP surgery on the same day next week.

YorkLady Thu 07-Apr-22 11:49:34

Mr York had his today at a walk-in clinic locally.
Not many there as I don’t think they are well publicised. The walk-in clinic was there for one day only.

Atqui Thu 07-Apr-22 13:46:25

If you are over 75 you can go online and book without an invitation.

BBbevan Thu 07-Apr-22 14:43:41

Phone call from GP this morning. DH and I are off to the surgery in a while.

jeanie99 Sat 09-Apr-22 23:00:58

I'm 77 had mine last month just booked online.

Allsorts Mon 18-Apr-22 07:57:13

I am concerned about the fourth vacinnation, bad after all the previous ones and then got Covid, my arm is still swollen from the first but was told it will eventually go down, it hasn't.

BlueBelle Mon 18-Apr-22 08:11:37

I was not ill after the other vaccinations but having recently had CoviD and with summer and less infections in general on the way (I hope) I m not sure wether to have this one or wait for autumn