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“NHS leaders and their teams feel abandoned by the government and they deserve better.”

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FarNorth Tue 12-Apr-22 15:42:10

Taylor [chief executive of the NHS Confederation] later told BBC Breakfast: “In our view, we do not have a ‘living with Covid’ plan, we have a ‘living without restrictions’ ideology, which is different. We need to put in place the measures that are necessary to try to alleviate the pressures on our health service while this virus continues to affect [it].”

Whitewavemark2 Tue 12-Apr-22 15:49:05

About time!, 10 years too late

Ilovecheese Tue 12-Apr-22 16:17:12

Well they are not wrong are they. They HAVE been abandoned by the government and they DO deserve better.

Luckygirl3 Tue 12-Apr-22 16:30:05

NHS leaders? - who are they? - why should we take any notice of them? They do not matter one jot to the BJ and his cronies and they will just ignore this. Sickening.

I am waiting to have a slipped disc operated on - early next year I am told. I am waiting for a phone conversation with my GP about pain relief - 3 weeks. My friend thought he had Parkinsons - GP said it would take 2 years to see a neurologist round here - so they went private - he does have PD.

Head in hands .......

eazybee Tue 12-Apr-22 18:00:14

I am not sure who the NHS leaders are.
Are they the people who when offered extra money for the NHS immediately appointed 42 new administrators?

maddyone Wed 13-Apr-22 10:55:19

Covid is being ignored in England. I wish it wasn’t.

MerylStreep Wed 13-Apr-22 11:01:40

I know this article is in the Daily Mail but this information is elsewhere.

Daisymae Wed 13-Apr-22 11:04:40

I think that there will be major health implications in the future. The official policy of ignore it and it will go away really needs revising. For a start I think that there must be some accountability. The whole approach is impossible to understand.

Daisymae Wed 13-Apr-22 11:10:20

My DH recently had a NHS appointment in a private hospital. Very keen to repeat scans and testing done in January. Maybe a slide into the waiting arms of privatisation is a clue? A sickened population and creaking health services would seem a perfect storm. Those who can pay will.