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Is this Covid?

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Didolizzy Thu 28-Apr-22 18:15:43

I’ve had Covid symptoms for 3weeks now. Started with sore throat then the worst cough ever. Lost sense of taste and smell. No temperature but felt(feel) so ill. Tired and week. Have done lots of lfts but all negative. 119 Covid line sent me to local hospital to get examined No tests were done. I managed to send a pcr test off 2 weeks after but has now too come back negative. I feel that this test was done far too late and am sure this is Covid. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

Audi10 Thu 28-Apr-22 18:24:15

No, but didn’t want to skip on by! I hope you feel better very soon Didolizzy

Annapops Thu 28-Apr-22 18:49:58

In January I had exactly the same symptoms but not for quite as long as you. I carried out LFT tests and all were negative. At the weekend I developed the same symptoms again and as I was going to the theatre thought I had better take a test. This time I was positive. My DH tested positive two days later. My family has found the tests to be reliable as for my DC and GC all positive LFT tests were later confirmed by a PCR. Obviously we have just relied on the result of the LFT and we are both in self isolation. My feeling is you don't have covid.

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Apr-22 19:08:51

I would think you have something with similar symptoms as all the tests have indicated negative.
All my family and friends who started with the latest Omicron, generally like a cold, used lft’s and tested +ve. If you still feel ill, I suggest you consult your GP, I’m surprised the hospital didn’t offer any diagnosis.

Oldnproud Thu 28-Apr-22 19:16:46

My son, who had been in close contact with people just before they tested positive, has been unwell for the last week with covid-like symptoms, but repeatedly tests negative. His wife started with exactly the same symptoms a few days ago and has tested positive. It's hard to believe son doesn't have covid.

rosie1959 Thu 28-Apr-22 21:34:48

Highly unlikely that you have Covid with so many negative tests A PCR will often come back positive for quite a while.
Other viruses have similar symptoms. My husband was taken into hospital last year showing all the symptoms of Covid turned out he had a bacterial chest infection.

ElaineI Fri 29-Apr-22 22:50:51

I had similar few weeks ago - very sore throat, high temp, aches, tired etc. LF all neg, PCR neg. I had tonsillitis in January with spots all over my throat and tonsils. Got penicillin as was having a bunion op in Feb so I think this was also a strep virus. Since read that infections that are often around this time of year are worse as our immune systems have not dealing with them for last 2 years.

CBT61 Sat 30-Apr-22 19:29:04

We are both ill at the moment - started on Easter Sunday. I’ve been testing every few days but all negative. The main symptom for us is a dreadful cough. My husband is now on antibiotics for it. I think it is a virus that we no longer are able to fight off as we have a poor immunity after 2 years not coming into contact with bugs. You have my sympathy- I can’t recall ever feeling so rotten.

Katie59 Sat 30-Apr-22 20:57:36

Sure to be Covid the symptoms match, all you can do is call the doctor if symptoms get worse, there are thousands with the same thing at present

annodomini Sat 30-Apr-22 22:04:19

It seems that LFTs have a use-by date, though I haven't found it yet. Can someone enlighten me? I have to self-test next weekend before going for a 'procedure' the following Tuesday.

ElaineI Sun 01-May-22 00:50:34


It seems that LFTs have a use-by date, though I haven't found it yet. Can someone enlighten me? I have to self-test next weekend before going for a 'procedure' the following Tuesday.

It is written on the box.

Oldnproud Sun 01-May-22 08:35:43

On the back, with the egg-timer symbol.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 01-May-22 11:02:21

We were both ill back in February, but all tests were negative even though we both felt really rough.
Then a few weeks ago MrOops met someone who later tested positive, MrOops then tested positive followed by me.
The symptoms of Covid weren’t as bad as whatever we had in February (thank goodness)but the positive line came up straight away on the LFT and the effects lasted for weeks afterwards, we only felt better this week.

PaperMonster Sun 01-May-22 15:13:10

I was poorly with classic Covid symptoms for the whole of October- LFTs and PCRs were negative.

When I actually had Covid I had none of the symptoms, had one day of being ill and felt tired for a few weeks. So, from my experience, I’d suggest that you’ve not got Covid!