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muse Thu 12-May-22 10:19:07

My phone pinged this morning with this text. I suspected a scam and googled for information. site has excellent advice:

These toe rags all ask for a delivery charge to be paid = card number asked for!

Please be careful Gransnetters. I've now forward the message to 7726 (ACTION LINE) - putting ‘SPAM’ on the end of the message.

nanna8 Thu 12-May-22 11:34:16

That’s horrible, how low can some people go ?

Bellanonna Thu 12-May-22 11:55:20

I got this text message yesterday. I immediately suspected a scam because I thought these notifications were no longer given out. Also, PCR tests are not free, so I did a quick Google and had the message displayed above. I hope nobody will be taken in by this. I’m lucky to have a suspicious mind.

Luckygirl3 Thu 12-May-22 12:45:21

I had one too. It brought me up short a bit as I am socially distancing in preparation for surgery.

Marydoll Thu 12-May-22 12:48:56

I got one too, but knew right away, it was a scam. I have a dedicated number for getting free PCRs, as I'm still CEV and knew that because I have had anti-virals recently, I couldn't have a PCR.
These people are nothing but scum.

muse Thu 12-May-22 14:00:56

It’s good to read these scams are being ignored. Action Fraud need as much information as possible about these thieves who say there’s a delivery charge for the free PCR tests.

This is from site link above:
- Don’t Respond
- Report the SMS Scam to Action Fraud
- Forward the message to 7726 (‘SPAM’ on a keypad)

joannapiano Thu 12-May-22 14:32:16

I had one last month and just deleted it.

Humduh Thu 12-May-22 17:04:50

I contacted NHS . Scam confirmed btw the NHS NEVER cite the variant