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Getting back to normal ?

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NittWitt Sun 24-Jul-22 13:49:12

Hmm, maybe I'll stay cautious.

I suppose the covid may not have been caught at the BBQ. ?

Daisymae Sun 24-Jul-22 18:39:24

Friend had guests a couple of weeks ago. The guests were not well, tested positive the next day. Friends have been ill with Covid since. Negative today but feel as I'll as ever.

NittWitt Wed 17-Aug-22 13:08:16

I saw this on twitter.

"Much of my wider family has had Covid, some more than once, one lost their life. But my immediate family, mum, dad & sister, have not had it at all. They are active, out & about, at work etc, my sister even goes to concerts. The one difference is they didn’t stop wearing masks."

BlueBelle Wed 17-Aug-22 14:56:23

Not so sure about the mask situation they are still wearing them in NZ and my son said it s surging through they ve all been free since start now all gone down with it including in laws whose company they haven’t been in and clients the grandkids etc etc
The Chinese wore them long before CoviD but the country has been overrun with the virus
So I m not convinced at all

Baggs Wed 17-Aug-22 15:25:02

Chinese and other east Asians wore masks for particulate pollution before covid. Used that way they are useful because the particles (e.g. sooty smuts) are huge compared to the microscopic aerosols that spread covid around and which can get round and even through most of the face coverings that have been used during the pandemic.

BlueBelle Wed 17-Aug-22 15:58:06

Agree baggs