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Living with Covid means.....

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Daisymae Mon 15-Aug-22 14:02:01

Ignoring it? My friend was ill for 7 days with Covid, still testing positive. She had jury service the following week but when she phoned to postpone they said that she should attend unless she has a temperature. Seems wrong to me, especially in the court environment.

Ilovecheese Mon 15-Aug-22 16:04:27

Absolutely agree with you Daisymae seems to me that vulnerable people are treated as of no account as long as everything else is not inconvenienced.
I wonder if the court even opened the windows.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Aug-22 16:06:56

Our court in Oxford doesnt have any windows, the Jury waiting room had fixed non opening windows and the Jury room had fixed closed windows.
All had air conditioning though, which I guess means that the virus would be pumped around.