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Memory loss and Covid

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nanna8 Mon 21-Nov-22 11:06:29

Both my husband and I had Covid around 6 months ago and we both find our memories are not as good as they were before. I know we are both getting older but this has happened quite suddenly and noticeably. My GP said it seems to be an increasing problem amongst her post Covid patients. It has improved a little but it is still an issue and very annoying. Has anyone else had this effect?

Sparklefizz Mon 21-Nov-22 11:10:09

Brain fog is common with conditions like M.E. which I have had since 1989, and Long Covid symptoms have been compared to M.E.

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Nov-22 11:12:05

My husband was very ill with Covid in 2019, and his memory is absolutely shot.
He can’t remember a thing.
I do think that it’s linked.
He totally lost his sense of smell and taste for months too.

nanna8 Mon 21-Nov-22 12:33:35

Don’t laugh but I forgot to look at this momentarily! My husband is worse than me and I seriously worry about it. He was a lot sicker than me, also and his balance was affected. That has improved, thank goodness, though I have to stop his urge to climb stepstools and ladders!

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Nov-22 13:01:33

We’ve just had a chat about what’s for tea. He couldn’t remember what he ate yesterday.
He’s in very good spirits though, as he is much better than he was health wise.
You’ve just got to go with the flow with Covid it seems.
I’m sure things will slowly improve 💐 x