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Covid Inquiry demanding Johnson's What's App

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Daisymae Wed 24-May-23 15:38:45

Apparently the Covid Inquiry is demanding that the Cabinet Office hand over Johnson's WhatsApp and 24 diary for the period of the Covid emergency, according to the Times, article is behind a paywall. Needless to say they are fiercely resisting. Johnson has also fired government lawyers and is demanding that the government pay for him to appoint a private firm. He should obviously pay for his own legal team if the appointed ones are not to his liking. IMHO. This looks like it's going to be a protracted argument. Makes you wonder why they are so resistant???

Hetty58 Wed 24-May-23 15:45:58

Daisymae - exactly - why be so defensive if there's nothing to hide? I expect he thought the 'rules' were just for the little people - so could be safely ignored.

Daisymae Tue 30-May-23 10:29:53

Apparently it's all set for a legal battle, no doubt at public expense

Whitewavemark2 Tue 30-May-23 10:35:34

I very much suspect that the contents will prove very embarrassing.

Chaos springs to mind - and invitations to parties 😄😄

growstuff Wed 31-May-23 21:46:14

The plot thickens. Johnson claims that he's handed over his WhatsApp, diary and other documents, as requested, to Number 10.

He's claiming that the Cabinet Office won't hand them to the enquiry, no doubt fuelling suspicions that they'd implicate people other than Johnson.

Meanwhile, Johnson has sacked the team of lawyers provided by the Cabinet Office, who claim this is why they no longer have access to Johnson's documents.

Ahem! Smoke and mirrors spring to mind.

Wyllow3 Wed 31-May-23 22:02:17

If they were not indicative of more Covid rule breaking I doubt he would be fighting not to release them. Yes, lots of smoke and mirrors. And like others what makes me angry is that he made the rules but thought he was above them, beyond arrogant. (and btw I would feel this of any political leader whatever party or POV).

growstuff Wed 31-May-23 22:05:33

I don't think it's Johnson this time. He's claiming Cabinet Office won't release them.

BlueBelle Wed 31-May-23 22:05:42

Obviously others are quaking now watch the park of cards fall

growstuff Wed 31-May-23 22:10:47


Obviously others are quaking now watch the park of cards fall

It would certainly appear so.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 07:53:17

It's probably a double-bluff.