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Doodle Tue 29-Aug-23 22:06:42

Thanks Kaimoana for the title.
Can’t believe we’re on another thread.
All are welcome to join us for a chat.

Doodle Tue 29-Aug-23 22:09:13

Sorry I should have realised we were so close to 1000 posts and put a link to the new thread.
Hope you all find us ok. I’ll have to send Jeeves out for anyone who gets lost.

ixion Tue 29-Aug-23 22:30:42

We're on our way, Doodle🦞

Doodle Tue 29-Aug-23 23:05:50

Crumbs ixion I didn’t realise I’d gone so far. Hope you catch up soon. 🤣

Mamissimo Wed 30-Aug-23 13:15:21

Good afternoon 🙂

You can can hide but I'm a determined 🦞!

Well the party and the christening are almost upon us. The balloons, booze and pasties are ordered - and the all important cakes. We've gone for one chocolate and one boring vanilla. And last night Mr M heard a drip.... no not me and another the wall behind the loo in the downstairs cloakroom. I obviously told him he was imagining drips and ordered him to bed.

We arose and couldn't go about our business because the cloakroom ceiling was dripping like a jelly bag. The emergency plumber has been, pulled on his waders sucked in his breath and told us to take out a mortgage and he'll be back later in the week.....and in the meantime we have to go upstairs. I often get up there and wonder what I came for 🙂

Best news is that our favourite small 🥔 is rather smiley! He's coming to stay on Friday. Will he be walking by then?

Who remembers polyphotos? 😁

Second best news is that the bean season is over! The garlic and shallot sets will be arriving shortly...followed by the bored beans. Off we go again!

Doodle Wed 30-Aug-23 14:09:14

Glad you found us Mamissimo. Love those photos. You can already see a little character emerging. How lovely he’s coming to stay. Bet you can’t wait.
Hope all goes well for the christening.
Oh dear, a leak of the non garden variety is the last thing you need before a party. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Doodle Wed 30-Aug-23 20:21:16

Hello 👋 everyone. Here we are. Can you find us.
Jeeves is out looking for you all with his St Bernard, hes got a barrel of hot chocolate round his neck to tempt you back (the dog that is) 😊

Jan16 Wed 30-Aug-23 20:30:49

It’s me - no I’m not dead! And I know I’ve been AWOL I honestly don’t know why except I’m permanently shattered! Everyone says it’s normal but didn’t expect it to be this bad. Anyway I have just sent a longish message to THE OLD THREAD! They let me type it alledgedly send it then told me the thread was shut! Grrrrrrrr.
Must admit I haven’t yet read everyone’s news but will do so soon. Eldest daughter and son in law here tomorrow for a couple of nights so will be even more shattered!
Hope everyone is ok and healthy and if anyone sees Jeeves I would like a VERY large G and T!!

Doodle Wed 30-Aug-23 20:57:31

Jan so pleased you’ve found us. DH is like you and very tired too. Some days better than others.
Hope you have a lovely time with your daughter and SIL . Do they live far away?

Doodle Thu 31-Aug-23 20:30:41

I’m feeling lonely. 🥲. Where is everyone? Should I send up flares do you think. Perhaps I should light a bonfire in the garden. Goodness knows it’s cold enough. So much for summer.

Jan16 Thu 31-Aug-23 20:37:18

“Doodle “ I’m around with daughter and son in law! They live in Nottingham. Daughter went to Uni there and never came back - to live here I mean! It’s absolutely freezing. Cold enough to put the heating on but we haven’t! Looking forward to my nice warm bed!
So you’re off on a mini cruise. How long is a mini cruise? Still haven’t caught up with everyone’s posts so hoping all are well. Hope someone turns up to keep you company I’m now going to catch up with everyone’s news

Doodle Thu 31-Aug-23 21:06:08

Hello Jan nice to have some company. It’s not much warmer down south but we haven’t resorted to heating yet. So much for summer.
We are off for 8 days. Not planning on doing much to be honest as DH isn’t walking well. Hope you enjoy your time in Nottingham. I’ve never been but understand from others it’s a lovely place to visit. Hope you have a good trip,

ixion Thu 31-Aug-23 22:14:22

I hope you have a restful time, Doodle , with possibly less stress than last time? Maybe you have a smaller ⛴️ ? Just guessing, if you're going to be waving to Grammaretto enroute ... is this a coast hugger cruise?

Our Pin Up boy is coming on in leaps and bounds, Mamissimo, isn't he?
Do you have enough photo frames?😉 Perhaps we could come round for a slide show evening? Did you ever have those get togethers? The slide projector and the roll up Big Screen. Parents boring unsuspecting visitors rigid with holiday snaps. Hoping to be the one in charge of the light switch, with the nerve racking clamber back, over Auntie Ethel, to sit crossed legged in the front row.

Do you still have your German help, Grammaretto, or did he go to Somerset with the French girl? Who next?

As for the Dyson project, just don't ask. It is buying me precious time and space, if one ignores the monologue emanating from the basement. It is finally in pieces, granted, no thanks to the design skills of Sir James. Where it purportedly only needed attention to the vacuum, the photo shows, apparently, a spring which needs replacing. Indeed.

Thinking especially of 🍒and Nfk.

Doodle Thu 31-Aug-23 22:35:43

ixion thank you. Same ship actually but it’s not that big. Couldn’t cope with one of those huge things.
I agree Spud is lovely isn’t he.
You describe perfectly some of our family slide shows 🤣🤣. Always the odd one or two that came up upside down and everyone had to turn their heads to see what it was.
I can still hear that clicking noise as each frame was changed.
Glad MrI has an exciting new project. That should keep him busy for a while.
Hope everyone past and present lobstars all ok.

Grammaretto Thu 31-Aug-23 23:44:43

At last I found you!
I was sad thinking there'd be no more chatting
Smiling spud is sheer delight!. Pity about the leak.
I shall certainly wave to you Doodle as you pass by.

Jan My Nottingham lot are coming here next month. DGD wants to go to some open days at university. I would love her to choose here but we'll see.

I was at a funeral today, the second this week. It was sad but joyous at the same time with lots of singing. I didn't go to the house afterwards.

I said goodbye to the German girl and welcomed the Frenchman back from his jaunt up north.

Goodnight everyone .

Doodle Fri 01-Sep-23 00:17:53

Sorry Grammaretto I should have realised it was the last post and put a link in. So glad you found us I was preparing Jeeves to head up to Scotland to look for you.. we missed you.
Lovely to have your family visit. I have a DGD who’s looking at universities too. Exciting time for them.
Is this the Frenchman who can cook? That would be good.
Now I’m happy you’ve found us I can head off to bed.
If we don’t have Kaimoana back tomorrow I will have to get Jeeves for an overseas visit and he hates flying.
Sleep well all.

Kaimoana2 Fri 01-Sep-23 07:30:14

August 30th brought a Supermoon and, of course many photographs. Two I liked are here. Credits to Keri Pakai.

So as I was enjoying a nice cuppa tea as this was rising, I guess I can claim to live in The Teahouse of the August Moon.

The third picture is my little trough of fragrant cyclamen which flower year after year, bless 'em.

In case you wondered, while we had 2 beautifully sunny days this week, it still rained... and all next week is forecast wet. sad

Enjoy your cruise Mr & Mrs Doodle

That wee Lobstar is bright spark isn't he?

I too hope Nfk & Cherry are okay.

Early rising for me tomorrow on what will certainly be a 3 degree morning. And our destination Orakei Marae, is on a clifftop and very cold and windy. Brrrr

Remember the BLV lady who didn't turn up? She was very ill, asked a minion to ring me and apologise; the minion forgot. So all's well.

Grammaretto Fri 01-Sep-23 19:29:58

What a fabulous moon. Kaimoana I believe it was seen here too but not by me.
My Frenchman has set about cooking for us . I don't know when we will sit down to eat but it will be delicious. He leaves early on Monday and I may drive him to the airport if I am brave. I am borderline able to drive according to the optician. whatever that means but still waiting for the cataract operation. Perhaps I should have had it done privately.

I have bought my DGD a recorder not a harp. She will be deeply disappointed but I can see her as a bagpipe player one day so this could be a start.

Not much news from here. A NZ er came into the café/shop today. He is from Auckland and has a DD living here.
He agreed that your last summer wasn't good.

When do you set off Doodle?
Wouldn't it be fun if our DGD went to the same uni! and became firm friends and went on adventures together!! What will yours be studying? Mine wants to do art.

Sorry your recovery seem to take so long Jan . Your DD and my DS are possibly neighbours. 😊

Doodle Fri 01-Sep-23 22:24:13

Ah there you are Kaimoana I thought perhaps you’d been searching for my trail of breadcrumbs to our new page.
The moon pictures are amazing. Like your flowers too.
Glad you had some sun. We’ve had rain here yesterday and today.
You will be up early tomorrow. Is it to watch sunrise or for some other reason?
Glad the BLV didn’t actually let you down then.
Grammaretto please do tell what your lovely Frenchman cooked for you. DH was still driving waiting for his cataract op. He could still see the required distance but not to drive at night. Do hope you get a date soon.
Did your DGD want a harp then? Unusual choice of instrument. I think she may find the recorder lighter to travel with.
Yes it would be fun if the girls met up but I think mine will stay close to home. Looking at event management (never heard of in my day) or criminology but not clear in her mind at the moment.
We are off Sunday. Packing almost done. Felt like packing myself and just walking up when I get there. 😊
Hope all the lobstars are ok and find us here when they feel like posting. Cherry and ixion how are our team doing?
I stayed up late last night waiting for DH to get ready for bed. He was working in his study most of the evening getting paperwork sorted for the cruise. In the end I decided I couldn’t wait up any more and went to tell him I was off to bed only to find he was already there and fast asleep. He forgot me 🥲🤣

Kaimoana2 Sat 02-Sep-23 07:04:22

Grammaretto how about a mini harp?
OR from Amazon:

I was lucky Doodle Jeeves had the foresight to alert Waipareira and a group of fine young Maori came to alert me to the move. grin

A bit of a mystery here today. When we got to the road leading to the Marae we were stopped and told we could not be 'hosted'. That's practically unheard of unless there's a funeral which always takes priority. There wasn't.

When we asked what was going on, everyone looked a bit guarded as if the reason lay in raruraru (trouble) and they were not at liberty to say.

So a HUGE amount of last minute re-organisation had gone on to erect a marquee and get chairs for kaumatua and bring in a food truck and portable loos. As is usual, all the food and drink was free but instead of the seafood banquet at the Marae, we had NZ hot dogs, burgers, very good coffee and cans of fizzy.

I am quite partial to a hot dog but haven't had one for years, so enjoyed mine but passed on everything else.

Nevertheless it was a morning of much laughter, fun and hot sunshine - and those of us who had put on 7 layers of warm clothing at 6am either stripped off or sweltered! grin

BLV lady visited Friday to try and arrange an escort for me to go swimming regularly. She's a mover and shaker and feels others in BLV community would also benefit.

She had not been gone 2 minutes when my friend Bev (remember her?) rang to say she knew a Somali lady, Mary, looking for a swim companion and could take me 3 times a week if required. Astonishing grin

Mary and I will meet for coffee on Monday to talk over what days I would be free to swim. Because I have home care 3 times a week and Kawhe Kaumatua on Tuesdays, it’s not going to be 3 days for me, not at first. When we break for the long summer holidays in November it will be easier and I can re-jig the homecare if necessary. First I want to try and fit in with Mary’s schedule rather than expect her to change for me.
It’s a start and I’m quite excited.

I have a very funny true story to tell you but I've written too much already. Next time maybe. smile

Doodle Sat 02-Sep-23 20:52:16

Ooh. No young man helped me to move here. I feel I’m missing out. I only had Jeeves.
Oh I wonder what the problem was with your meeting. Those hot dogs in your picture look more like bananas dipped in sweet and sour sauce ( actually quite like the sound of that 🤔)
Glad you enjoyed yourself apart from the upheaval and you had sunshine too, amazing.
That’s so nice of Bev to find someone who wants a swimming companion. I Hope it works out for you both. Do let us know how you get on. Nice to know the BLV people are getting more active too.
I’m packed and ready for the off tomorrow. Just trying to think of I’ve forgotten something. Will probably be able to keep in touch as we won’t be far from land. If the internet isn’t working I’ll try smoke signals. 😊

Grammaretto Sat 02-Sep-23 21:25:51

Ok how exciting Doodle☺️ Another cruise. I'm looking forward to ship to shore communications.

And Kaimoana what a busy time you are having. I look forward to hearing about your swim.

I ended up doing a bit too much today and am now in bed at 9pm.
I was helping in the town hall and was then late for the foraging but spotted a line of people walking slowly along the field. DS had invited me to lunch so I spent the rest of the day with him and the family.
Here's a photo of a beautiful sweet chestnut tree we spotted on our way. It was a really warm Autumn day.

Doodle Sat 02-Sep-23 22:05:37

Grammaretto I will certainly give you a wave when we’re passing.
Did you find anything good in your foraging? Nice to spend time with your son and family. I agree a lovely tree thanks for sharing.
I’m off to bed too now. Early for me but up at 6 to make sure we’re ready. Please make sure Jeeves keeps the place tidy while I’m away and no late night drinking parties ……even if it is only hot chocolate 🤣

ixion Sat 02-Sep-23 22:17:04

Bye bye, both!
Thinking of you and looking forward to having you back!

Kaimoana2 Sun 03-Sep-23 01:26:20

And speaking about Nottinghamshire, here's 3 second or so video:

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