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They fuck you up your mum and dad (Phillip Larkin)

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Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 19:31:56

Shall we discuss favourite poems?

I like this one. smile

Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 19:34:39

poem here

Riverwalk Sun 08-Sep-19 19:35:24

Safely on the Culture/Arts forum grin

Riverwalk Sun 08-Sep-19 19:38:11

It's good to be highbrow at times wink

Calendargirl Sun 08-Sep-19 19:39:04

Lots of lovely poems, but one of my favourites is by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, starts:

“If I lay here dead, wouldst thou miss any life in losing mine”

Sounds dreadfully maudlin, but is all about love.

PamelaJ1 Sun 08-Sep-19 19:41:49

Well done gonegirl you’ve taken a lot of effort not to be edited.😜😂 .Impressed.

Marilla Sun 08-Sep-19 19:42:25

GK Chesterton’s A Christmas Carol. It is simply beautiful.

Carillion01 Sun 08-Sep-19 19:46:12

"Bollocks" Lollocks by R Graves

How do you do that blue thing with your text Gone? Or does it just happen when you use norty words? Xxx

Boosgran Sun 08-Sep-19 19:47:01

I’m not impressed-just silly, childish behaviour PJ1.

Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 19:58:43

Phillip Larkin was one of the greatest poets of the last century Boosgran.

I'm sorry if you are offended by such a clever poem. Not my problem though.

M0nica Sun 08-Sep-19 20:00:39

I referred to Maya Angelou's poem Phenomenal Woman on another thread in the last few days, I also think her poem Still I rise is fantatstic

And to come down to earth this poem, written by a 5th century AD Irish monk about his cat. For me it reaches out from a distant times and shows how the relation between a cat and his fond owner never changes Pangur Ban

Boosgran Sun 08-Sep-19 20:03:46

I was waiting for a smart arse comment from you Gonegirl - grow up.

M0nica Sun 08-Sep-19 20:07:38

Oh, please let us stick to the subject. There is so much wonderful poetry out there and my own list of favourites is constantly added to by other people introducing me to ones I did not know.

A bit of a misery guts, Philip Larkin and not one of my favouritse but This be the verse

merlotgran Sun 08-Sep-19 20:07:58

What's PJI?

Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 20:13:19

I just love that poem Monica.

M0nica Sun 08-Sep-19 20:14:44

Two corrections, 9th century monk not 5th.

When I clicked on the link after I had posted it it didn't work. No idea why, so her is another link

Gonegirl Sun 08-Sep-19 20:17:52

I wasn't actually trying to impress you Boosgran, funnily enough. Yes, what does PJ1 mean? (if anything)

Bathsheba Sun 08-Sep-19 20:18:17

Is it supposed to be PLJ do you think merlot? Remember that? Pure Lemon Juice. Oh I've just googled it and it's still around!! Well well well, and there's me thinking it was a blast from the past.

Sara65 Sun 08-Sep-19 20:19:13


Such a good poem, and so true!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 08-Sep-19 20:20:12

Morning Song - Silvia Plath

Although there are loads I like, but that has stayed with me since the children were born.

seacliff Sun 08-Sep-19 20:23:11

That second link says site not secure Monica? Dare I continue.

Interesting idea for a thread Gonegirl, although I find the Phillip Larkin a bit depressing.

merlotgran Sun 08-Sep-19 20:23:25

Hang on a mo. I think she's answering PamelaJ1

Still doesn't make sense.

Boosgran Sun 08-Sep-19 20:23:46

No, but PamelaJ1 was impressed by you. Can’t think why. 🤔

Lessismore Sun 08-Sep-19 20:24:07

Not forever by still waters
would we idly rest and stay;
but would smite the living fountains
from the rocks along our way.

This is not a poem, but it is on my mind.I don't know why.

M0nica Sun 08-Sep-19 20:25:37

seacliff I am really puzzled by this as I googled both sites as I posted.

I suggest you google on 'Pangur Ban Robin Flower' This will get the trasalation from the original Irish that I most love.