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Great rock music on tv at the moment

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Dinahmo Fri 01-Jul-22 22:17:42

Saturday before last Brian Wilson at Glastonbury, last Saturday Paul McCartney at Glasto too and this Saturday a new series about the Stones. All great stuff and will bring back memories.

Jane43 Fri 01-Jul-22 22:22:30

We are looking forward to the Rolling Stones programme starting on BBC2 tomorrow night, I believe there are 4 episodes. We always wanted to see them live but never managed it, the tickets were like gold dust.

Kate1949 Sat 02-Jul-22 12:27:02

I'm looking forward to The Stones programme. I saw them twice in the 60s. Unbelievable that my nephews were watching them last week in Hyde Park 58 years later.

tiredoldwoman Sat 02-Jul-22 12:56:20

Yes , I saw it advertised ! A study of each of them , tonight it's Mick . I was thinking about him this week when Jerry Hall announced her impending divorce from Murdoch , I remember Mick was upset about her marrying him . ooh , might lead to a rekindling ? Hope so xxx

Grandmabatty Fri 29-Jul-22 13:23:36

Reported. They're a pain in the proverbial these scam posts

korol Thu 16-Mar-23 20:40:17

I like rock. When I was younger, my friends and I often attended concerts of various rock bands. It was cool

larikon Thu 16-Mar-23 20:58:49

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MawtheMerrier Thu 16-Mar-23 21:09:37

Another one - reported

NanaDana Thu 16-Mar-23 21:18:39

Recently recorded The Eagles Live From The Forum MMXVIII. All their greatest hits, plus a few lesser known but still great numbers. What outstanding musicians they all are. So impressed I've even bought the DVD.

paddyann54 Thu 16-Mar-23 21:39:28

I've been watching youtube music videos while I exercise .you cn pick the genre you prefer or just build up a personal list.
I'.d highly recommend it .Theres a great selection of songs from Playing for change .com some real classics .Like All along the Watchtower and The Weight ,played by people all across the world

Obsidian Sat 22-Apr-23 21:50:50

Possessed by this song

'Sea of Fire' by Haiduk

bakinbread Wed 20-Sep-23 10:50:23

Blue Oyster Cult is one of the bands I've payed little attention to in the past, but they're almost in every of my youtube playlists these days... Aside from Don't Fear the Reaper. I also love Astronomy, Godzilla, Burning for You, Take Me Away, Then Came the Last Days of May, etc. etc.