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Alan Rankine, musical genius, has died.

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grannydarkhair Thu 05-Jan-23 13:59:21

A name probably not well known to many, but he was a huge influence on the Scottish music scene.
RIP Alan R.

mrsnonsmoker Sat 14-Jan-23 00:00:17

Just saw your post was unanswered, I didn't remember the name straight off but yes when I saw who it was I did remember the Associates. That's a shame he was what - 65 -? So many of that generation dying early recently. Well - our generation!! Sobering thought.

SOGran Sat 14-Jan-23 00:18:25

We should have a Chapel of Rest heading on GN maybe? as sometimes these In Memorium posts are lost.

I don’t recall this musician but its good you deem him a genius.
Now away to look him up.

V3ra Sat 14-Jan-23 01:17:15

What a lovely tribute in the article.

grannydarkhair Sat 14-Jan-23 02:39:03

SOGran That’s a good idea for a forum, I’ve noticed that In Memorium posts are found in various places, e.g. Chat, Culture/Arts, News. I think that’s why they are sometimes missed.
Although tbh, I didn’t expect many posts on this thread. I’m in Dundee however where The Associates are still much talked about and missed by anyone even slightly into music. Billy MacKenzie, the lead singer, came from a well known, if slightly eccentric Dundee family. He killed himself back in 1997, he was only 39.
Behind our major shopping mall, there’s an ongoing wonderful tribute to musicians in/from Dundee. It consists of engraved slabs set into the ground. It brings back lots of happy memories from my “going out” days. Or should I say nights rather. Dundee has always had a popular live music scene, it was always easy to find a pub with some great music.

FannyCornforth Sat 14-Jan-23 04:04:52

We asked for an In Memoriam board a few months back.
It was a very popular idea with members, but HQ weren’t keen.
I’ll see if I can find the relevant thread

FannyCornforth Sat 14-Jan-23 04:05:56

I didn’t know that about Billy McKenzie. How very sad. I loved The Associates

FannyCornforth Sat 14-Jan-23 04:07:54

Here it is

Lomo123 Sat 14-Jan-23 07:59:40

Grannydarkhair. Thank you for posting the info about Dundee engraved slabs. I'm planning a trip to Dundee at end of January so will have look for them. I was so in love with Billy McKenzie!.

grannydarkhair Mon 16-Jan-23 03:17:12

Lomo123 If you’re on Facebook, the group about the tribute slabs is called Dundee Music Hall of Fame. Also, although there’s no specific site for DMHoF on Twitter, if you enter those words there’s quite a few photos, etc. from both individuals and the press.
Billy is buried in Balgay Cemetery next to his beloved Mum. It’s very much a cemetery of two parts, the old and the new. I know I’ve seen his grave stone when having a wander round Balgay, but tbh it’s been a long time since I did and I can’t remember exactly where it is.

grannydarkhair Mon 16-Jan-23 03:19:30

Lomo123 Forgot to say, there’s a good wee book about Billy called The Glamour Chase by Tom Doyle.

Lomo123 Mon 16-Jan-23 19:02:40

Grannydarkhair, Thanks again I, ll have a look at fb page. Also for book recommendation, I usually get mine from charity shops, but I,ll have a look online.