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Banksy exhibition

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NanaAng14 Thu 22-Jun-23 09:38:31

I have just bought tickets for the Banksy exhibition in Glasgow.
I am so looking forward to seeing this.
Apparently some nights the gallery is to be open through the night , they are expecting so many visitors.

Wyllow3 Thu 22-Jun-23 09:50:48

Oo, you lucky woman!

I've got a favourite Banksy on my wall

Parsley3 Thu 22-Jun-23 10:26:17

Thanks for posting this. I have just bought mine. Lots of tickets available for July.

Wyllow3 Thu 22-Jun-23 14:13:52

I wish it were a travelling exhibition coming nearer me, too far.

Wyllow3 Thu 22-Jun-23 14:16:25

alas, its just going all over the world not the UK....

Shelflife Thu 22-Jun-23 16:20:33

Enjoy, I too would love to see it !

NanaAng14 Fri 23-Jun-23 09:43:34

Hi Wyllow3,
Exhibition is in Glasgow until the end of August.