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Jane Birkin Has Died at 76

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Anniel Sun 16-Jul-23 23:49:31

I really loved her voice and often listen yo this famous song which was banned on some radio stationd
A legend has died! How i loved this song!

Theexwife Mon 17-Jul-23 00:17:10

That song brings back memories.

mokryna Mon 17-Jul-23 00:31:05

To be honest, she didn’t register on my horizon until I came to France in the late 70s. However, here she was a major star and has headlined the principal News programs this evening.

rafichagran Mon 17-Jul-23 00:37:41

I loved that banned song too.

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 17-Jul-23 08:11:26

...and the handbag 👜 !

TerriBull Mon 17-Jul-23 08:21:47

Loved the song, loved her style, including her toothy grin. RIP Jane, you were a wonderful style icon amongst other things, not many women have a handbag named after them.

Joseann Mon 17-Jul-23 08:30:52

For me, it will always be, "Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve". I knew the words by heart and very apt.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 17-Jul-23 09:12:32

Very sad to hear the news. And it makes those of us who remember her from the 60s think of our own mortality. RIP Jane.

halfpint1 Mon 17-Jul-23 09:39:52

So sad to hear she's gone. French people often say I sound like Jane Birkin when speaking French which I took as a compliment

halfpint1 Mon 17-Jul-23 09:41:56

Mokryna I too was surprised when I came to France to find how popular she was

BigBertha1 Mon 17-Jul-23 09:52:52

Loved the song. Love the bags. RIP Jane - an

merlotgran Mon 17-Jul-23 10:53:21

I wasn’t a fan of her music - I preferred Francoise Hardy but I loved her style and of course anything that gets banned on dubious moral grounds is bound to be a winner.

RIP Jane.

Bella23 Mon 17-Jul-23 11:41:33

Another 60's Icon.RIP. It brings back so many memories.
The first year at college and I split with my long-term boyfriend. The banned song was everywhere and was so haunting.
She showed us how you did not need loads of makeup to have style and the handbag, so few have had that accolade.

miller0qqq Thu 12-Oct-23 14:34:29

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