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Leolady73 Sat 24-Apr-21 12:58:10

I’ve always swum in pools but recently bought a wet suit and joined a group in the sea. I am 74, have only one kidney, but relatively fit apart from well controlled high blood pressure. I enjoy the swim but it takes me hours to warm up afterwards. Is this ok? Jenny

Craicon Sat 24-Apr-21 13:14:01

Just be careful where you’re swimming and ensure it’s far away from any streams or rivers going into the sea.

I live in Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way. A lot of my friends go sea swimming throughout the year. It’s hugely popular here.

However, one friend caught meningitis from the water (very ill initially but ok now) and another caught a very nasty gastric infection which the doctors thought was caused by farmers polluting a stream that enters the sea near to where she was swimming.

BlueBelle Sat 24-Apr-21 14:04:36

I swim in the sea but don’t use a wetsuit I have been in in the winter but now it’s more likely may to October
I ve never swum in a river I don’t think
I think it’s very good for you to swim in cold water but I wouldn’t stay in for long periods 20 minutes would be long enough for me

seamstress Sat 24-Apr-21 14:12:12

I've started open water swimming, we are lucky as we have a swimming lake nearby which is controlled and there are lifeguards. ( you have to pay to swim). We also have a couple of lidos which stay open all year round. I had to do an induction course which explained the importance of acclimatisation, how to warm up safely etc. Always wear a tow float so you can be seen and never go alone. When the water has been really cold ( think ice) I always wear gloves and swimming boots so my extremities are toasty and I don't stay in too long. Some people do their swim in their wetsuit and then take a cold plunge in their swimming costume for a few seconds to get the cold sensation which is exhilarating (after you get out). These last few weeks when it has been sunny but chilly has been lovely. I think the lake temperature is now about 10 degrees. I am not going back to swimming in chlorinated, noisy, smelly indoor pools again. Its outdoors all the way.