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Hypnotic Gastric Band, has anyone tried it?

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newgran66 Sun 18-Jun-23 22:58:06

Hi, just wondering if this works. There seem to be lots of companies offering this but no idea if it is worth trying, or even which one to try.

welbeck Sun 18-Jun-23 23:04:46

i read about someone in the midlands doing this some years ago.
he had good results.
i would think it's worth trying before going into the risk and expense of surgery.

Doodledog Sun 18-Jun-23 23:18:02

There is an app called Virtual Gastric Band. I have no idea if it works, but it has a series of hypnosis sessions and I found them really helpful for getting me off to sleep. I do tend to fall asleep wearing sleep headphones listening to some sort of relaxation and this one was very effective. I think you are supposed to use it when you are not trying to sleep, as I never got to the weight loss bit - the relaxation warm-up always sent me to sleep.

You might find the app is good as a taster though?

Koalama Mon 26-Jun-23 16:35:31

Thinking of buying an electric fat wheel bike, anyone else got one?

silverberryfern Mon 26-Jun-23 17:20:20

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Ailidh Mon 26-Jun-23 18:09:58

I'm doing the Paul McKenna version. I picked him because he's a name I trust, and because the book, which includes a link to the hypnotic download, is a lot cheaper than other online programmes I looked at.

I was very sceptical and not a little apprehensive - slightly wavery mental health, so I'm always very cautious about things that might shake it.

I listened to the Band bit 3 weeks ago, since when I've lost 9lbs. Others' losses may vary, I have about 50lbs to lose.

It's hard to describe but I'm making much better choices about What I eat and, more importantly, How Much of it I eat. For example, I live in an apartment complex where lunch is included in the rent: I'm increasingly choosing a yogurt rather than a sticky pud, and also choosing to take said yogurt back to my flat to eat at my evening meal.

I don't know how it would work for someone who doesn't understand calories in/out basics but for me, who's been dieting on and off for 50 years, it's - somehow! - making me able to tap into that knowledge and use it without feeling deprived.

9lbs isn't enough on me for anyone else to notice but I can see my wee, heart-shaped face beginning to re-emerge from its fat camouflage, and I am encouraged. 🌼

mumofmadboys Mon 26-Jun-23 22:15:31

Well done Ailidh. Keep going ! Good luck

Huia Mon 31-Jul-23 09:13:12

I bought the Paul Newman audiobook but haven’t tried it yet. Did you do the pre-op things such as a 20 minute walk each day? Must say your success is quite inspiring. I have all the knowledge too but I also know that the body fights like hell to get the fat back after losing it!