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HHBBNN54 Mon 25-Oct-21 12:36:15

Dont know if this is the right place has anyone used Wowcher. They seem to have some good offers but wondering if it is a safe site to buy something like a laptop from.

Redhead56 Mon 25-Oct-21 13:02:48

I have bought items from Wowcher and Groupon both safes sites no problems.

Nonogran Mon 25-Oct-21 13:06:00

Use a credit card for protection of your payment if it’s over £100.
Make sure you read the returns policy & anything to do with after sales help and support.
The devil’s in the detail.

Keeleklogger Thu 30-Dec-21 14:49:07

I have bought some before. Just watch out for the shipping scam that they pull. We saw some solar lights for the garden and decided to order 2. The vouchers arrived as 2 separate emails with different codes, so we had to pay 2 delivery charges of £4.99

GagaJo Thu 30-Dec-21 15:22:31

As others have said, check very carefully. I've used them sparingly over the last few years. The last one I booked was a hotel and it was a really good deal. Room, evening meal and breakfast for a really good price.

jhonelia Wed 02-Nov-22 17:24:43

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BrieJeff94 Fri 25-Nov-22 09:42:16

I'd be very careful. I had never used it so just tested the water with some pj's last Christmas. Safe to say, they were never to be seen!