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Boots Advantage points error?

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Stillwaters Wed 27-Oct-21 14:48:05

Well, I'm feeling a little confused - Boots advertise that they give 4 points per £1 spent and for the over 60s, 8 points per £1 spent on Boots brand products.

I've just been to their over 60s event - spent £22 on non Boots, and £13 on Boots brand - by my reckoning, that should be 192 points plus the event bonus - but I only go 72 points plus the bonus. Yes, I have emailed them.
And tbh, I'm sure that this has happened before - but I could never remember how many points should be given whilst I was out- and then I'd forgotten about it by the time I was home.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Fleur20 Wed 27-Oct-21 15:48:34

I have completely given up trying to work out their calculations!

overthehill Wed 03-Nov-21 13:41:38

Yes many times. If I feel up to it I phone them and get them to award the missing points, but sometimes I can't be bothered.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Nov-21 13:49:54

Yes. I can’t keep track of the points but I do feel diddled! I really should keep a closer eye on it and follow it up especially coming up to C********.

ElaineI Wed 03-Nov-21 13:52:54

Boots has gone downhill as far as I'm concerned. We had a brand new Boots open last week in a retail park. Old Boots moved to a bigger shop close by and renovated it. Went in looking for vitamin drops for babies at pharmacy bit. No pharmacy bit at all as Sainsburys has a pharmacy. Well they always did have a pharmacy in Sainsburys when the old Boots was open! I only go in there whilst at pharmacy so I guess I won't be back in there as stuff is often more expensive than other stores. Went to a Boots today in a nearby town. Asked for the drops (after waiting at till for 7 minutes with no one on the shop floor - anyone could have lifted a load of things and walked out). "No you get these from the midwife". This is absolute crap - toddler is 3 so I think the midwife is well past dealing with him. Have given up on the NHS ones now and just bought abidec or something similar!

FindingNemo15 Wed 03-Nov-21 14:45:30

Our Boots has gone downhill too. I have waited forever to be served at the pharmacy and not so much as an apology.

Cannot make head nor tail of the Advantage points system, it is very complicated.

I only go now for one particular vitamin that is on their 3 for 2 offer, which works out to £60 rather than £90, but they hardly ever have 3. Everything else is more expensive so I go elsewhere.

nexus63 Wed 03-Nov-21 15:00:56

i gave up on my local boots a few years back, i would take my prescription in every month..then it changed to 2 months, it would sometimes be two carrier bags full as i use creams and lotions for psoriasis, i would leave it a few days then go to pick it up only to be told ...yes it is all ready and checked but i can't give you it, you have to wait for the pharmacist and she is out for lunch/shopping etc, i emailed the head office only to be told i should have used the bigger boots at the retail park...yes it is a bigger boots but it does not have a pharmacy.

Nana56 Wed 03-Nov-21 16:31:05

Agree Boots has gone downhill as they keep reducing staffing levels. As for collecting prescriptions they can only be handed out legally when a pharmacist is present

Nonogran Wed 03-Nov-21 16:46:30

Boots are a rubbish company & judging by the way they treat their staff they need to be exposed.
My neighbour was badly treated by management but stuck it out for a good few years. It badly affected her physical & mental health. She had to leave in the end.
There’s a lot goes on behind the glossy facade.