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Iceland online shopping offer

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Tizliz Tue 21-Jun-22 14:50:06

Until Friday you can buy three items out of a choice of 420 for 1p each - online orders only. See the Which article for details

lixy Tue 21-Jun-22 14:58:23

Anyone else hear the Iceland CEO talking on the radio the other day - Moneybox I think.
Seems to be one of the good guys along with the Timpson company; really looking out for staff and customers and trying to help people along the way where they can.

Katek Tue 21-Jun-22 18:22:07

The trouble with this offer is it’s only available online and you have to spend £40 to get free delivery. Any savings on the 1p items could be lost trying to make that target.

Kate1949 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:28:27

I think Iceland are great. We went on Tuesday and got the 10 percent discount for over 60s. It's not much but it's something.