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annodomini Sat 18-Feb-23 17:28:56

I've had a Sparks card ever since they were introduced but was never sure what benefit I was supposed to get from it. However, yesterday I went to M&S and bought two jumpers and a pair of trousers. When I presented my Sparks card at the checkout, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was 15% off women's knitwear and 7% off other clothing. I'm not sure how I was supposed to know about these discounts. They certainly don't appear in my emails. Can someone please enlighten me?

Redrobin51 Sat 18-Feb-23 17:43:43

I get an email from [email protected] which says I have Sparks offers. It also tells me if thr offer is online and in store or in store only. It then invites me to click on the various offers to activate the ones I am interested in. It also tells me how many days I have to take up the offer which is particularly useful as it is an hour round trip to our nearest store. I would give Sparks a ring or mention in in store that you aren't receiving these. Good luck.

Aveline Sat 18-Feb-23 18:07:15

I just check the Sparks app. It tells me how many offers there are and I click to save any I want added to my Sparks card. Discounts are added when I pay. I also get various free treats: usually fresh biscuits or cakes, occasionally chocolates or even hand cream.
Every little helps!

Aveline Sat 18-Feb-23 18:07:59

PS I don't get emails

dragonfly46 Sat 18-Feb-23 18:16:52

I get emails but activate offers from the app.

Maggiemaybe Sat 18-Feb-23 19:00:44

I do get emails about my offers, then activate them in the app straightaway. I’ve had the usual discounts this week, plus a free loaf of bread and 2 days later a bag of Percy Pig sweets. smile

kircubbin2000 Sat 18-Feb-23 19:02:02

I had to go back today as they charged me £3.00 for my free apples that were on my Sparks app. The assistant brusquely told me that the assistant hadn't charged me, it was the till! Quite rude.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 18-Feb-23 19:04:20

I don’t get e mails from them but offers show up on my M&S app. If you’re shopping in store I think if you show your Sparks card at the till they can check online for you what if any current offers you have.

NotSpaghetti Sat 18-Feb-23 19:08:59

I have found Sparks to be totally useless, unfortunately.

Grannynannywanny Sat 18-Feb-23 19:41:53

I’m notified by email of any offers and use the app in store to redeem them. I was delighted last weekend to receive a free bag of choc chip cookies or a bag of 4 choc chip shortcake slices price at £2.50. I had my 4 grandchildren staying for the weekend and it was enjoyed by all.

NotAGran55 Sat 18-Feb-23 20:02:59

I get emails in addition to seeing the offers online and on the app.

I had a great result last year when I bought a pair of leather sandals.
I had a 20% off offer on Foot ware and also for the Holiday Shop.
At the till it deducted 20% and then a further 20% from £45 to £28.80 because they fell into both categories. A lovely surprise.

If I don't want my free offers I take them any way and donate them straight into the food bank box in the shop.