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Bloom Silk Flowers: A Whopping 50% Off 💐

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FannyCornforth Sat 25-Feb-23 11:09:17

Hello smile
Earlier this week I was offered 30% off, and now it’s 50%!

They have some beautiful faux flowers, arrangements and plants.

The code is BE567 🌺

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Feb-23 07:15:30

I’m just bumping this as it really is a good discount and a lovely product, if it’s your thing smile

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Feb-23 07:25:47

I’m going to buy one of these to go in my front window I think.
Or possibly or the side board…

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Feb-23 07:26:55

No 2 or No 3 probably, or this one