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Half term holidays.

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rubylady Sat 21-Feb-15 01:43:59

How have your half term holidays gone?

Do any of you still have your own school/college children at home?

I have my son, age nearly 18, at college so been off this last week. His "pay" this week so that he could take his girlfriend out was to paint his bedroom and then it can be wallpapered on the last wall. He has managed nearly two full walls. He has the alcove his computer sits in and another wall to paint yet. He also has boxes to sort through (since moving home) and thought it would be a good idea, gone 12 midnight to bring them down into the living room (which I struggle to keep on top of) and sort out. I am now sat with empty cardboard boxes, bits of Guitar Hero, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, microphones off Playstation singstar, soft toys and books. Lovely. He sat there throwing a baseball ball from one hand to the other, turned the tele onto a music channel from me watching Graham Norton and generally getting my blood pressure to rise.

I have been sat on my own all day, craving some company but not saying anything as he was happily on his computer. We did watch Eastenders together, which he talked through mostly, but was nice to have company. I had just taken my medication though, including Kalms to maybe help my breathlessness so did not want him throwing baseballs around gone midnight. He got told to go upstairs as he got a bit bolshy. Now I am left with his stuff which no doubt I will have to tell him umpteen times tomorrow (today) to move. And his room hasn't got finished too. Gordon Bennett! I love him being at home as I do love the bones of him but I will enjoy my brew come Monday morning. confused

How has your half term week gone?

Does anyone else feel exasperated from full time children?

soontobe Sat 21-Feb-15 11:03:58

Half term week is always some of my kids' birthdays' weeks.
Which used to be good, as it is always a good week.

Now they are grown and gone, it is a go to see them week[we have just returned].
So different, but still good.

rosequartz Sat 21-Feb-15 11:10:48

He needs to sort out his own boxes, rubylady.
If he can't find stuff that he needs then so be it!

We had a nice half-term thank you, , saw more of the DGDs, although it was very cold!

Enjoy your brew

ninathenana Sat 21-Feb-15 12:07:42

Quiet peaceful here, DH started his seasonal gardening job again Monday he only does a couple of hrs three days a week but has to be transported as he doesn't drive [sigh]
We had DGCx2 Thursday and Friday, no problems there. Their dad is dropping them here this afternoon after his overnight access.
All quiet uneventful actually.

Pittcity Sat 21-Feb-15 12:14:07

My teenage DS has hardly been out of his pyjamas all week and has eaten a mountain of food! We have bought him some Spring Clothes and been for a dental checkup and a haircut, otherwise he has been in his room with his various computers, phones etc.
I am off for a walk now while the sun is shining sunshine

granjura Sat 21-Feb-15 13:56:50

Met up in the Alps with GCs, daughters and families from the UK- and I have to say had a wonderful week out in the snow, fresh air, sunshine and beautiful scenery. They had their 'tablets' with them, but hardly touched them for the whole week. Hurrah.

hildajenniJ Sat 21-Feb-15 14:05:19

I went up to Scotland to visit my DD and DGC, Daddy was still at home, but went to stay at his Dad's house for a couple of nights to help him plant some trees. Took youngest GS age 2 for a walk. He was most impressed, as we saw a submarine and a very low flying huge aeroplane. I taught my GD how to crochet, she caught on really quickly. I returned home yesterday, and went back to work this morning.

grannyactivist Sat 21-Feb-15 15:33:40

My eldest son had a birthday this week and so yesterday we had a lovely family dinner with both my sons and their respective wife and girlfriend. It was our first meeting with the younger son's girlfriend (she is quite lovely) and happily both the young women got on very well together. This morning they went off exploring the town and returned ravenously hungry, but I had stocked the fridge and larder so was ready for the onslaught. smile
It's often quite an awkward week because my late son in law's birthday usually falls in half-term and that was the case again this year. I had my daughter and two grandsons to stay for a couple of days and I looked after the children while my daughter and mother in law visited the grave and the memorial together and then they had a lovely lunch in their favourite restaurant. I am delighted that my children have wonderful relationships with their grandparents and spend time together apart from us parents.
Unfortunately my youngest grandson is teething as well as having a bad cough and cold, so I spent a large portion of my time mopping up sick! My older grandson loves Lego and a big bag of Duplo kept him very happily occupied whilst I was nursing his brother. They left earlier than planned because we agreed it was important to get the little one back home as soon as possible.
Now, everyone has left and I'm sitting here on GN putting off stripping the beds, but grateful that they did all the washing up before saying goodbye. wink

tanith Sat 21-Feb-15 15:49:53

Its been blissful, as our daughter 45yrs grin moved back home a year ago but has gone skiing over half-term and its been blissful not being woken up at 7 as she gets ready for work or having to tip-toe around on the weekend while she has a well deserved lie-in, no hoiking long hair out of the shower plug hole every morning (I can't bear seeing hair in the shower) before I get in... I love having her home but its been bliss without her...grin

grannyactivist Sat 21-Feb-15 15:55:07

tanith [grin[ grin

janerowena Sat 21-Feb-15 18:27:33

I get DBH at home every half-term, as he is a teacher, and he is as bad as any stroppy teenager. Also just as untidy. In fact I'd swap him for my teenager, who is away at uni, like a shot, as said teen is far easier and more helpful!

This half-term he hasn't been too bad, he has built a couple of raised beds for me in the veg patch (and doesn't take his boots off when he comes in the house so trails mud everywhere until I shout at him), and yesterday we visited DS and took him out for tea, which was lovely.

I really appreciated what a nice boy he is when we realised that the family next to us were mum, dad, grandma, granpa and Spoilt Little Madam - who couldn't even wait until the end of the meal before she cleared off and left her very northern relatives behind at the table (this was in Cambridge). They must have travelled miles to visit her, and she didn't even wait for dessert to arrive. She complained about the choice on the menu - everything. I felt like slapping her!

Much as I love DBH, he really is untidy, I am dreading him retiring. I must be one of the few who are pleased at the retirement age going up!

merlotgran Sat 21-Feb-15 22:35:55

It takes a while to come to terms with living with a retired, untidy DH, janer. It's been four years now and I'm still picking up stuff and the state of the kitchen floor often makes the dogs weep.

Just had a lovely week with our two youngest DGCs. We don't see as much of them as the other DGCs so it was great to have them all to myself. Hilarious afternoon at the village am-dram's panto followed by a trip to Pizza Express.

I'll be so sorry to wave them goodbye tomorrow but sadly all good things come to an end.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 21-Feb-15 22:47:12

My GSs came to us for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They had to go home then as I had a date with a Scandinavian city.


Anya Sat 21-Feb-15 22:56:44

Doesn't it just drive you mad Merlot living with a retiree ~ but for me it's DH's forgetfulness, he can't remember where he 'tidied things away' to. And there's no logic in it either.

You'll miss your youngest DGC when they go but it sounds like you really enjoyed their stay. I've had the opposite, missed the GC most of this half term but back to school runs again on Monday. Happy days.

rubylady Sun 22-Feb-15 04:07:46

jingle is that the key? Giving yourself something to look forward to? That cup of tea on Monday morning is getting all the sweeter! grin

I do have the advantage that at some point in the future my DS will leave home and not like some of you with DH who have retired and are making mess at home. Although I am thinking of embarking on a new relationship if anyone will take a rather frazzled, worn round the edges, grey, arthritic but still with a sense of humour old biddy! confused

Humbertbear Sun 22-Feb-15 08:56:38

The grand children went away with their parents so no school runs for us. I've been to the theatre three times and to two art exhibitions ( the benefits of living in London). Hubby had a minor op on his leg on Monday so has spent the week sitting in the loung with his leg up, watching old Bargain Hunts.

merlotgran Sun 22-Feb-15 15:22:06

Just waved them all goodbye........And Relax! brew cupcake

It was lovely to have the youngest grandchildren around. At nine and eleven they're still up for cuddles whereas the others are all teenagers so we have to be thankful that we're at least allowed a 'hello' and 'goodbye' hug.

DS went to a party last night to bid farewell to an old school friend who is leaving to work abroad. He got in around 2.15am having jogged the two miles from the village. Not thinking to wear bright clothing, he ran into (not quite literally) a van load of workers who were getting set up by our railway crossing to do Sunday morning maintenance angry They teased him about escaping from a robbery or being discovered by an angry husband and even offered him a cup of tea.

Only in the country smile

Judthepud2 Sun 22-Feb-15 17:38:07

Had the 2 DGSs all week and trying to get them away from computer games was a job in itself!! If I turned off the PS they moved to the laptop, if that was removed there was the iPad or the iPhone! Wouldn't mind a half hour here or there to give me breathing space, but they squabbled incessantly over these. Various outings helped to get them back to the real world for a while but afterwards they were straight back to virtual world again.

I suspect all this was because their parents are involved in a very bitter breakup at present. On Tuesday older DGS was so tense and distressed that he fell asleep on the sofa - unheard of for him. He is usually a lively cheerful child. They stayed here that night with their mum, DD, as things had got so bad at home angry My DH working hard to provide some sort of stability, but feeling the strain too.

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 22-Feb-15 18:24:45

Well, I am currently in an airport lounge waiting for a flight that has been delayed by over an hour. Seems ages since I was at home with the grandkids. [sigh]

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 22-Feb-15 18:26:08

Judthepud that does sound very hard on them. sad

Penstemmon Sun 22-Feb-15 19:16:17

Had a quieter week as usual as I did not go to work! Had the DGC on Tuesday & Thursday (as I usally do!) but rest of the week my own!

rubylady Mon 23-Feb-15 04:22:29

jingle I hope you have a very safe journey and an enjoyable break? You said you had a date with a Scandinavian city, but not what for. Enjoy it, whatever it is and safe home.

Judthepud I feel for you and your DH at the moment but if it were me I would leave them to escape into their world for a while. My DS did this after being attacked at school and it helped him get over it. It isn't nice but sometimes when in real world they think about what is going on too much. It's only a thought, you obviously know them and they do need to interact with you both too but just thinking from what my DS has said Good luck flowers

Well, DS is back at college in the morning. He has been with me much more yesterday and today, although he has been talking things through about his girlfriend and what to do about her. Also we shared special time doing music quizzes and watching the Status Quo concert which was on BBC 4 earlier, making food together and generally chatting. He is just very hyper still at 17 years old and it takes it out of me to be on the up with him all the time now he is older. Still, I will miss him this week and will wait for 4pm to come around. smile

p.s. He did tidy his things away, the painting in his room got left in favour of chatting and having some fun together. grin

Judthepud2 Mon 23-Feb-15 08:51:13

Thanks for that advice rubylady. I would be inclined to agree with you about the virtual world being an escape. However, we do find that too long on these games makes both boys very ratty. It is hard trying to get the balance right sometimes.

What do others think?

rubylady Mon 23-Feb-15 22:14:29

Judthepud Thank you. I know. It's not easy, is it? Plus you are right, they have to face the real world too. Thinking of you. flowers

soontobe Mon 23-Feb-15 22:32:28

It is hard to make a judgement in real life with your own family. Let alone over the internet about someone else's and with the trauma they are facing.
I would be more lenient than usual, but not over the top.
If the games get to the point of making them ratty, then that is not helpful either. Poor them and you.